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Are you looking for hostesses in Shanghai? Find them amongst the 7 agencies from Shanghai the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Shanghai

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Verve International

Verve International

Verve provides Stand-Staffing Services at Trade Shows & Events across China, Asia, & worldwide. With professional...

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ACN International

ACN International

Singapore Events Organizer based in China covers all major cities. since 2004. Databases of Models/Hostess/Promoters/Translators...

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Shanghai VIP Travel (SVT) - its a solution of both business and personal needs of our clients, as well as successful project...

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As a leading event staffing service provider in China, we offer a wide range of manpower services for various events including...

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Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive offers Professional Promotion Staff for Tradeshow Exhibitions, Roadshows, and Live Marketing events...

London, United Kingdom

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People4Fair GmbH

People4Fair GmbH

The right personnel for your successful shows in Germany is at People 4Fair. Your goal is to motivate and convince people...

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Shanghai catches the eye of every traveler around the world

Shanghai: Located on the river mouth of the Yangtze River, it's the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology center in East China. Adding to its modern appeal, its multicultural flair comes together with unique glamor. It blends both modern and traditional culture, including the western and oriental customs.

New skyscrapers and old Shikumen together draw the skyline of the city. The Bund is a famous waterfront and it is one of the main symbols of Shanghai for hundreds of years. You can find various of statues, monuments and even an abstract concrete tower memorial. At its east end we have Nanjing Road, China's 3.4 mile-long main shopping street. It is covered with fashion-seeking shoppers worldwide. Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town. This small town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai.

Shanghai Promoters

In this charismatic city, not only can we see the sights mentioned above, but we can discover many events happening all throughout the year. It brings all the best qualities together, from private events to high class performances, there is always something to see here. With all this assortment, we can count that the best hostesses and models will be in each and every one of them. They bring the extra touch when it comes to closing deals under a friendly atmosphere.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Shanghai

Now, we know all the places we can go to around the city, let's talk about the best place to host events, Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC). This venture has developed to be the most successful exhibition center in China. Located in Pudong Shanghai, an international commercial, economic, financial, trade and shipping center, SNIEC's goal is to reinforce the economic relationship across the globe. It is a key platform for premier international trade fairs.

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Opened in 2001, SNIEC has swiftly increased its importance, by annually welcoming more than 4 million guests and around 100 world-class exhibitions. As a multi-functional venue, SNIEC also caters to a wide range of social and corporate events. Well-equipped with multi-functional amenities, such as 17 conference rooms, various loading bays with direct drive-in access to the exhibition floor, all around WI-FI, 51 meeting rooms that come in all sorts of sizes, spacious parking and much more.

This trade center is pillar-free, single story structure, easy to access and an excellent choice for any type of event. Hosting more than 70 world-class exhibitions yearly and growing each year, it brings you diversity, professionalism and the best for your event.

Events in Shanghai that you just might need hostesses

Now that you know where you can host your event, let's see some of the best events that you can't miss in this city. With each event, don't miss out on the hostesses and models that make them even more spectacular. Starting with China Auto Parts and Service Show, the main platform for vehicle companies and consumers in which they play an important role in the vehicle industry development.

China International Industry Fair a leading event for manufacturing in China as well as an important window and platform open to the world for international trade, communication and cooperation on industrial field. China Beauty Expo is the leading beauty trade show in Asia. It has become China's most influential trade platform for international cosmetic companies. CHINAPLAS 2015, the International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, becoming a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries as well as contributed to their development.

As you get familiar with these trade shows, be sure to pick your top choice and hire the finest help around for these shows. Having a model will attract every type of clientèle, they'll help you get the maximum advertising of your brand and do great with publicity. Or having a hostess, they will help invite more people in as the pass along, they can talk about the best deals of your company and even cheerfully greet future clients so they will leave with a nice impression of you and your brand. If you are looking for more information on this topic, contact us and we will guide you the friendliest ones in Shanghai.

Black Tie Gala Dinner, promotional event in Shanghai

Black Tie Gala Dinner, promotional event in Shanghai

Verve International had the exclusive privilege to help organise the 2014 Marriott Charity Gala for the Yao Foundation.

Shanghai Event

Our Viva La Vida theme, celebrated the rich culture of Spain featuring eloquent costumes, as well as traditional flamenco dancers and music.

Hostesses in Shanghai

Shanghai Promotional Staff

The event, held at the JW Marriot in Shanghai, was a great success, and we are pleased to say that the entire evening merited in excess of 2 million RMB for the Yao Foundation, founded by former NBA player, Yao Ming.

Yao Ming Shanghai

The Budweiser Angels, Shanghai high-end Hostesses, Brand Ambassadors

The Budweiser Angels – not your typical beer promotion girls. They are high-end Hostesses, Brand Ambassadors.

Shanghai Models

Ten Bud Angels were selected out of over 300 applications, all of them not only good looking, but also girls with great personality, charisma, and good social skills.

Shanghai Promoters

The Bud Angels were then trained on various subjects including dancing, etiquette, posture, communication skills, marketing & sales, and of course brand knowledge.

Budweisser Angels

This resulted the execution of 4 very successful and amazing events, with the Bud Angels performing on and off stage and engaging and entertaining the guests during their night out with various interactive activities.

High End Hostesses Shanghai

Max Kruk, from Verve International: hostesses are the face of your organisation

Events and exhibitions are the headlining component of a brand’s marketing strategy. With this in mind, it’s only as strong as its people. Verve International provides the face of your organisation, and strives to ensure a brand is justly represented and gracefully personified. We provide event and exhibition staff of the highest calibre. From knowledgeable and informative interpreters at a Singapore exhibition, to glamorous glittering for a wedding expo in Shanghai, we will see it through.

Verve International Shanghai

Top 5 trade shows in Shanghai

To answer the question, as to what are the Top 5 trade shows envelopes a variety of categories. In many regards they should be the top 5 largest, whereas in some it may be the most revenue generating. We approach trade shows with our own personal criteria in mind, these encompassing quality and valour. Amongst our successful partnerships are the following trade exhibitions:

  1. SIAL China
  2. Breakbulk
  3. FHC & ProWine
  4. Hotelex
  5. Automechanika

Selecting a hostesses agency

Verve Int Hostesses Agency

Selecting a hostess agency is a no-brainer, selecting the right hostess agency is a completely different scenario. A brand must rely on its hostess agency, and be assured of its quality, integrity and grace. The important thing is to review its track record, take note of its portfolio of past achievements, and keep up to date with their current news and projects. Upon meeting with your prospective agency, be sure to connect with your agent, and have a mutual understanding of what is to be achieved from your partnership.

Verve Hostess Agency

What a hostess bring to an exhibition

A hostess brings more than just an aesthetic living addition to an exhibition stand. They are the personification of your brand and its respective marketing strategy. In order to most effectively convey your brands communiques, the human touch is the icing on the cake that really brings out the company’s personality. Essentially, in marketing, in order to solidify your intended message, one must evoke a feeling that represents who you are. A persona will deliver that feeling, something which more effectively remains with a prospective client.

Personal Staff in Shanghai

3 Crucial Tips of Advice

  1. Be Proactive – Find an agency that reputes well, one that can deliver what they promise. It is imperative to evaluate a hostess agency with regard to its successes and partnerships. Be sure to set up a strategy meeting at an early date to your intended project, through this a concrete strategy can be created.
  2. Be Pedantic – Set up a meeting with your agency, and be sure that you decide on the right talent for your project. Decide on your deliverance strategy; follow through until you are assured the project is absolutely watertight.
  3. Be in Touch – Once the project gets off the ground, you’ll be there to see it blossom. Any-time an uncertainty or query comes to mind, let it be heard as they arise. Your account manager is already there with the answers.

Hostesses in Shanghai

Hostess basic knowledge

Each host or hostess is specific to their task at hand; thereby such a grand diversity of projects requires a grand diversity of skillsets. Some exhibitions require a personable attendant, whereas some require intricately knowledgeable hosts. In many regards, ethnically diverse, and multilingual staffs are desired; whereas some require a staff with a flawless command of the local dialect. Our team has been presented with various requests, however regardless of their specificity, it can always be done.

Verve promoters in Shanghai

The most difficult part of working on a trade show

Challenges pertain to uncertainties in an event; whether it’s an irregular flow of customers, a structural issue in the venue, or an amended time-frame. We however don’t regard these as impediments to seeing our projects through. Staffs are consistently aware of unexpected anomalies at an event, and are prepared accordingly. Account managers are also on-hand to ensure a smooth execution. In essence, nothing worthwhile is easy, but it’s our raison d'être to manage difficulties.

Verve Trade Show Hostesses

The advantages

Advantages are abundant. We bring life to an exhibition, and are emotionally invested in it. Trade exhibitions are a showcasing of a brand and what it has to offer to the world, and we want to help maximise its potential. Marketing is categorically fundamental; however hosts and hostesses are the lifeblood. To properly answer the question; utilising the highest quality and professional staff, personally engaging with and charming your customers is the true merit and advantage of a trade show. We add Verve to everything we do and we make your Events and Exhibitions shine!

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge

A celebration of the modern-day sport of kings, Verve International hosted a golf tournament like no other. Held at the prestigious Sun Island Golf Club, and supported by the Scottish Association of Shanghai, the event was propelled to a superior class through its event hostesses and brand ambassadors.

The Caledonian Cup Challenge featured 8 twelve-man teams featuring players from the USA, Scotland, England, Ireland, Continental Europe, as well as the rest of the world.

Verve’s China Hostesses performed a fantastic job of accommodating the players, whilst the Stella Artois Brand Ambassadors made sure the player’s tee offs were always accompanied with refreshments.

Whilst the game and refreshments proved enjoyable for everyone, it was the sublime event staffing from China, the USA, France, and Russia, which took our patented event to the next level.

Though there was only one winner in the tournament, Verve’s event management in China, was the real champion.

Among the prizes are: Best Team, Worst Team, Best Dressed, Closest-to-The-Pin, Longest Drive, and Most Birdies. These prizes were graciously provided for by our sponsors.

This previously annual event has risen in its popularity in that it will now be held biannually, much to the delight of the Scotts.

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 1

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 2

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 3

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 4

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 5

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 6

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 7

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 8

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 9

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 10

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 11

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 12

Hostesses and Promo Staff for the Caledonian Cup Challenge 13

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in Shanghai

Good *Food. Good Times. Good *Causes. An entirely new approach to charitable gala dinners; Chi Fan for Charity brought together some of Shanghai's best restaurants for this evening of culinary delights, and noble causes.

The profits raised from seats raised money for local charities: Shanghai Young Bakers, Heart to Heart Shanghai, and Educating Girls of Rural China.

Verve International was proud to support the event, and even demonstrated its unique Verve-Men as part of our Guerrilla Marketing China team. Ambush marketing is an aspect Verve has been perfecting over the years, and are keen to show off every now and again.

As always, people's reactions were priceless.

We look forward to joining Chi Fan for Charity next year!

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 1

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 2

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 3

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 4

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 5

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 6

Chi Fan for Charity.. and a bit of Guerrilla Marketing in China 7