How does it work?



How do you select the suppliers?

For each stand request, we analyze the most competitive taking into account the stand specs and the place where the event takes place.


Which are my obligations?

None. All that you need to do is to evaluate the proposals received from the suppliers.


Will I negotiate directly with the company that will construct my stand?

We like transparency and we want communication between you and the supplier who builds your stand to be clear, transparent and fluid.


360º solutions

From the design to the stand construction, from the catering to the hostesses or hotel... Find the best solutions for your event in any corner of the world.



We work in 928 cities, regardless of the location of the event, we have suppliers available

For free

For free and with no commitment

Receive up to 5 proposals for your stand, hostesses or catering without additional fees or commitment.


Information updated

We compare more than 12,000 quotes per month, allowing us to maintain the suppliers' information up to date.


Before hiring, do the research!

Even though the supplier is not listed, we might provide you with some references. Before hiring, ask us. We have a blacklist available of more than 1,200 fictitious companies.

By your side

From the beginning until the end

We introduce you to the supplier, stand by your side throughout all the process and ask for your opinion to improve our service.