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VIP ESCORTS SERVICE'S AND PRIVATE ESCORTS We offer a service of escorts VIP'S and Private Protection provided by a team of specially trained for this purpose. We have experienced staff and specialists in the field of physical security, driving and especially in the field of protection of people. The Preventive Security, along with the accompanying preventive, is a deterrent to any aggression or hostile situation that could presumably can occur. If you think you may be a potential target, vulnerable not hesitate to contact us, we will stand to have complete freedom of movement and personal peace. The service we provide covers those situations or long-term potential as are protections in specific circumstances (events, promotions, leisure short), legal process, long trips, city tours etc. .. This is a service aimed at all types of people whether VIP's, artists, entrepreneurs, managers of multinational executives bag etc. .. We offer a wide range of vehicles, or if appropriate we can mobilize in their own or company. Making his move to the company, business meetings, conferences and conventions, as well as we can make transfers to hotel, airport or celebrations and events. Our commitment to our customers is of utmost confidentiality, responsibility and discretion, these commitments are what precisely guarantee all our work and have given us to date the guarantees of success in each and every one of our operations. OUR SERVICES: 1. VIP escorts service: • Discrete Accompaniments: Ideal for family leisure time and since the objective is the invisibility of the accompaniment. • Accompaniments visual effect: Ideal for celebrations, events, etc. .. since the presence of the accompaniment is noticed. 2. Private Escort Service. 3. Chauffeur service. 4. Against surveillance. All our services are performed from the strictest technical and operational preparation, Preparing prior, risk assessment, Routes itineraries, alternative routes, monitoring of stays, outposts etc. .. We are a team of 5 people trained and prepared to perform these services with full guarantee of success, our professionalism, discretion and experience guarantee each and every one of the services that prepare and organized. Our response time to a request for a service is 48 hours. Since we understand that when a customer uses the contracting of such services is only for one reason, has a need. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may need. We are confident that we can offer completely personalized service you are needing. Hoping that our services may be of interest, we remain at your disposal for you to consider. Sincerely Enrique Miguel.

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