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Are you looking for hostesses in Hong Kong? Find them amongst the 9 agencies from Hong Kong the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Hong Kong

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Hostess Agencies in Hong Kong

Posche Promotions

Posche Promotions

Posche Promotions/Models continues to grow on the world stage.  Founded in USA in 2001, Posche has offices and network...

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

4.4, based on 19 reviews
Divine Model Agency

Divine Model Agency

We are specialists on providing pretty bilingual hostess and local or western models for the trade show. Customer satisfaction...

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Elegance Models

Elegance Models

Elegance was created in 2008 by a French team comprised of one businessman and a former model, with more than ten years of...

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China



TG Events Limited is a subsidiary of Join Merit Media Holdings Limited. We are a team of experienced strategic planners,...

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China



One of the largest selection of Models, Talents, Artists and Promoters in Hong Kong. Diversity of faces from Asia, Europe,...

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Verve International

Verve International

Verve provides Stand-Staffing Services at Trade Shows & Events across China, Asia, & worldwide. With professional...

Shanghai, China



MULTILINGUAL CASTING is a international event hostess and human Recorse agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We provide...

Tokyo, Japan

4.4, based on 22 reviews

Hong Kong, no matter how long your stay is, you will be hooked

This city is a compilation of stories, no matter whether you go, each corner has a different touch. You got the amazing Chinese superstitions that talk about traditions and spirituality, you got trendy art galleries in the Industrial Revolution neighborhood, you either got modern or traditional restaurants for whatever mood you are in and so much more in Hong Kong. Live exciting adventures that await for you in every corner and submerge yourself in an intersection of cultures.

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Walk through The Peak where you can see out of this world view of skyscrapers, Ladies' market where you can see the real life street-market bustle for clothing and accessories, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade to see the impressive waterfront and the city skylines or Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tain Sin Temple, where you can explore and honor monks at a taoist Buddhist and Confucian temple.

Festivals, hikes, shows, temples, villages and expos are all you can see in this diverse city. Within every event you can see colorfully-dressed models where you can see their culture arise, you can meet friendly hostesses who wish you the best on your journey.... no matter how you see it, you will be guided through all these celebrations with incredible manners and good wishes.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Hong Kong

Now that you can see all that this city has got to offer, let's take you to its main convention center. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center(HKCEC) is currently ranking up the list of the best exhibition and convention center in Asia. Having a staff team just over 850 members, its hard work all year long gives the trade center an extra push to have the professional touch. It provides the best service assortments, from WI-fi to many available ports for shipping.

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You can find this grand venue in the heart of the city, right on Victoria Harbor. It provides a breathtaking background for the many events hold in this hall. As it is located downtown, it is useful venue for both business and pleasure. Whatever you need to do after hours, you can find everything you need nearby. Including two 5 star hotels within walking distance.

With the best seating areas, it is the prime indoor venue for all-star entertainment, cultural and sporting events. You can have everything you need here, all you have to do is to ask for it and the team will do its best to help you. A key reminder is that in every event hold here you can find the most attentive and receptive hostesses and models.

Trade Shows in Hong Kong that you just might need hostesses for

This is the city that your company has to taste, because its feel, its own voice and the story behind it will point you in the right direction for your brand. Here are some amazing events that you can't miss from this magical city. Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair gives you a head start in the toy industry being the first of many all year long. Its platform is impressive as it brings the best suppliers and companies to its show floor. At Hong Kong International Jewelery Show, you'll be bedazzled by its sparking hand-made jewelry designs. Only the best companies are exhibiting in this event.

At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, you can find the coolest gadgets that will surprise you with every turn. It is the biggest in the country due to that it showcases the latest trend from around the world. And for those beauty queens, we have Cosmoprof Asia. Divided into six sections, it talks and discovers every point in beauty industry. Not only bringing the best local market products but also the top international merchandise of the biggest brands.

No matter what time of the year, no matter what you are into... Hong Kong will light up your smile with its great selection of events and lifestyle. Let the models and hostesses sweep you off your feet and let your brand sell easier. Contact us for more information. Because with us, you will have the best in the hostesses world in the area. We make your job even easier. Shine with one of them while you expand your brand across the world.

Interview with Jeff from Posche Models in Hong Kong

What does a hostess bring to your exhibition stand?

Posche hostesses bring a positive, cheerful, and helpful attitude when working with/for clients at events.

Posche Models from Hong Kong

As an exhibitor, give me three reasons to hire a hostess agency.

Our hostesses have staffed events globally. Bilingual, or in some cases Trilingual local hostesses that are local and are familiar with local customs, streets, and places can be very helpful for clients that are usually from abroad. Of course, the obvious first thoughts of hostesses goes straight to the cheerful beautiful smiles that the girls or sometimes guys are blessed with. So in order:

  1. Cheerful beautiful smiles to warm the clients to their exhibit booths
  2. Translation abilities can be helpful and key
  3. Friendly local hostesses can assist with many aspects of the event

Hostess Agency in Hong Kong

Give me three tips in order to select the right hostess agency.

Many clients focus on price.  They want to know that they are paying a fair budget relevant to local pricing standards in the region.  We feel that we are a good, honest and reputable agency Clients should feel that the Agency:

  1. Cares about the specific clients particular needs
  2. Works with a fair budget
  3. Has a highly regarded reputation locally and vastly as well.

HK Hostesses

Tell me why I should choose your agency?

Posche listens to the needs of the clients. We provide the quality, cheerful, helpful, attractive hostesses that clients are hoping for. Also, we work with the clients and hostesses to fit the correct budget that both clients and hostesses feel is the fair amount.

Hostesses for Trade Shows in HK

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

The best hostesses are more than attractive appearances. We bring to clients Posche quality hostesses that inspire our name with their cheerful and helpful personalities.

Posche Models

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

Of course the most well known event in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Fashion Week. But, as mentioned earlier, we provide quality hostesses globally. Recently, we provided hostesses at Paris Fashion Week as well. Since, we are located directly across the street from the Hong Kong Convention Center let's list:

  1. HK Fashion Week
  2. HK Fur Show
  3. HK Jewelry Show
  4. HK Cosmoprof Cosmetics Show
  5. HK Wine Festival

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