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Services of Tim Moi Catering Asiático

Tim Moi is a company of baquetes to service specialist in Asian cuisine (China, India, Thailand and) Japan).

We offer a varied where menu our customers may have an exotic experience through food, delighting them with curries of India in a sauce of yogurt, curries of Thailand in coconut milk, sauteed Chinese and tailandenses, Japanese teriyaki and variety vegetarian recipes, among others.

We are known for our cuisine natural: use natural products without preservatives or additives, our raw materials are first quality and fresh.

Our catering services include Executive lunch, snacks, breakfast, menu for receptions of lunch and dinner. Theme parties, weddings, baptism, confirmation menu and other sacramental events.

Tim Moi is the new project of the Chef Martha Lopez, technical in Kitchen professional the service national de tourism de Bogotá (SENA), technologist in management of purchases of the University of Costa Rica, and has more than 20 years experience in kitchen, specialist in Asian and natural cuisine. 12 years managing the kitchen of one of the most important restaurants of Central America in Costa Rica (Tin Jo).

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