How does one master the 140 character tweet?

With more than 100 million users worldwide, Twitter is a fun and quick way of communicating, but it also can have a great value for business. For instance, if your company has a booth at a conference or trade show, using Twitter in an organized manner can provide your customer base with news about your firm’s participation, engage potential new clients and build brand awareness.

If your target customers are smartphone owners (who isn’t nowadays...?), then Twitter should definitely be part of your social media marketing strategy for your next trade show.

And, if you’re not so familiar with the particularities of this social network, worry not! We collected a list of ways in which you can use this tool to improve your exhibition:

  • Create expectations.
    Before the trade show, tweet short videos, images and presentations that will be teasers for your trade show appearance or even a reminder of your best offerings. Twitter can be a great tool to start introducing yourself and network before the show starts. It is always good to create some buzz!
  • Report what's happening.
    Once at the exhibition, you should make continual announcements of company-related expo happenings. Choose somebody on your team to be the tweet jockey, that would be responsible for making an amusing follow up of what's happening on your booth. If you don't have said person, you can also schedule out tweets at regular intervals during your time on the trade show, by using Buffer or Hootsuite.
  • #Hashtag it up!
    Really important: don't forget to include the event’s name, hashtags, relevant topics and industry keywords. Keep in mind that Twitter only has 140 characters, so don’t get all poetic... Keep it simple. Keep it short.
    You can also include your hashtags in all print and digital material, in order to strengthen your brand in social networks.
  • Use pictures.
    Today’s world is more visual than ever before. Twitter also converted to this trend and it is quickly morphing into a visual medium. Therefore, eye catching product/exhibit booth photos and videos will make your tweets stand out. Also, make sure that all the photos, videos, etc, are posted directly to Twitter itself, so that a preview of the image will appear in the user’s feed.
  • Be part of something bigger.
    Retweet or comment on the organiser’s and other exhibitor’s tweets (but hey, don't stalk them!). It’s always good to support the community.
    Interact with everyone who is following you through Twitter Replies and Retweets. For example, if there is an energetic comment about your keynote speaker or released product, respond to that tweet with enthusiasm!
  • Special! Special!
    Stay ahead of your competition! See what your competitors are offering, then throw your hat in the ring by announcing your specials through Twitter. You can, for example, tweet a secret Password that can be used for a special discount or gift. There’s no limit for creativity...
  • Feedback & Follow-up
    Twitter is a great customer satisfaction tool. Find what your followers/clients are saying and use that information to improve your services!
    And don't forget: keep tweeting throughout the year to assure your exhibition stand a super turnout at the event next year. Follow as many people as you can who are attending the next show and continue to read their tweets and engage with them.

So, are you feeling inspired? We hope so! Last piece of advice: remember that Twitter works well in conjunction with other social media tools (like Facebook, Youtube or LinkedIn). This little blue bird can really be an invaluable marketing tool for your trade show booth - and beyond! 

So if you don’t already have a Twitter account for your company just create it and follow us at @neventum!

Raquel Dias
Editorial Staff in neventum