Exhibitions used to be highly wasteful and not so green friendly… However, this is clearly changing: trade shows are becoming much more sustainable as organizers, exhibitors and top venues start emplementing environmentally friendly practices.

In fact, green is the new black, as sustainability is now the key driver of innovation.

So, put a smile on Mother Nature’s face without making a huge effort - you may even save a lot of money by doing so. And now you’re probably wondering: but how?

Well, take a look at these green exhibiting practices and get inspired:

Stand wise...

  • Reduce and Reuse! You can invest in a long-lasting stand, capable of representing your brand without going out of fashion. If, however, you prefer to innovate and have a new booth each fair, you can always re-use some materials or bespoke elements from previous exhibitions. Eco-friendly can mean cost-efficiency also!
  • When studying the stand design, choose materials that can be recycled: cardboard panels, plastic sheets for worktops….
  • Choose a eco-friendly flooring. For example, there are carpets on the market made from recycled plastic bottles that can be recycled once again at the end of its life. You can also use other sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo, marmoleum or sea grass.
  • Eliminate (or at least diminish) your use of lights and electricity wherever possible. Always use energy-efficient bulbs, and inquire about the lighting in each convention center, as many venues are now offering improved day-lighting options.
  • Consider renting materials or services in the show city, rather than shipping things in. Shipping emissions are extremely detrimental to the environmental, not to mention quite expensive! Save money by helping the environment - you won’t find a better deal!


Marketing wise…

  • Here's the painful truth: eighty percent of literature ends up as garbage. Integrate more web based, email, text and social media into your marketing campaigns. If you really need to print some files, do it on recycled paper.
  • If you offer in-booth hospitality, like a catering, use reusable plates, cups and utensils.
  • Giveaways are an important component of trade show culture. If you want this to be part of your marketing strategy, choose green-friendly gifts, like cotton t-shirts, recycled bags, or even a flower pot seed kit! These objects do not cost a fortune and they can  truly transmit how conscious your company is. And, if you want to be the trendiest exhibitor, opt for electronic giveaways, such as free songs from iTunes, coupons and Apps!
  • Post information about your company's green tactics on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Impress your clients and make the public sympathize with your company.
  • Encourage the press to take a look at your green-booth! Target industry publications, bloggers, TV programmes and tell them about your efforts to be eco-friendly. This way, you’ll motivate other companies to follow your strategy and increase your brand awareness.

Wear your values on your sleeve

As you can see, going green doesn’t mean going cheap. In fact, being eco-friendly while exhibiting can make your company benefit quite a lot: Reseecoarch, for instance, tells us how consumer attitudes improve as companies act on environmental/social issues:

  • 93% have a more positive image of that company and
  • 90% are more likely to trust and be loyal to that company

Adopting environmentally friendly methods can set your business apart from your competitors and even attract new customers. That said, integrating these simple ideas into your program can increase your popularity and, hopefully, lead to more sales!
So start spreading the green thinking throughout the fair’s world - contributing to a greener and healthier planet has never been easier!

Raquel Dias
Editorial Staff in neventum
  • www.neventum.com