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We want to inform you of our services and at the same time share our vision and mission and what you could extract from us for their benefit, given the characteristics of the installations of your company and the large number of plant and personnel staff, later We present the different menu options that we believe you would be interested have in their facilities.

Lomitos restaurant is able to develop all kinds of enterprises management of canteens, providing home, Executive food and gourmet prepared fresh and noble ingredients with the highest quality and efficiency.

Among the standards that we offer they are the following

1 guarantee excellent quality ingredients and freshness in different foods and beverages supply order, changing those who do not meet these characteristics.

2 we offer (glassware, cutlery, crockery, utensils tablecloths, etc.), uniform and with the proper presentation of the dishes Depending on the event to be held.

3 we see that the staff working directly in the preparation of food is trained in handling and hygiene of the same. Similarly, personnel must be equipped with the uniforms and work items established by the law and by the rules of health and occupational hygiene.

4 guarantee the quality in the transportation and delivery of the supplies requested by the Entity, the date and time designated for the event.

With the effort to expand our possibilities and provide new alternatives to our distinguished clients, LOMITOS restaurant, has a wide range of services which consists of the following:


1 Snacks and coffee breaks-this is a service where small fillets Restaurant offers its customers the best breakfast, fast food, snacks for all occasions, where our customers may have to your This service and make use of it when they need it

2. breakfast-service breakfast than fillets Restaurant offers its clients, is based on a variety of breads, Ham, eggs, cereals and everything that our customers require, since Since this is the first meal of the day we believe that nutritional mind must be the most complete.

3 lunch and food Industrial.-this service is a food service industrial which is aimed at all companies in the sector, with the aim of satisfy our clients, providing them with the highest quality lunch, produced with great asepsis and excellent professionals in the field Gourmet.

4. Special events (banquets): Lomitos restaurant offers to its consideration as a service, the possibility to order, you can arrange or advise on the planning, design, execution and control specialized everything what is related to the wide range of services restaurants and events. These may be corporate, social, or any other events, for which we have the logistics required. These are the basic trilogy of the good performance, quality, quantity and price.


The staff provided Lomitos restaurant is properly carnetizados by the Ministry of health, which maintain a continuous training in food handling.

The Lomitos restaurant staff uses all full uniform which includes: masks, hats and gloves.


The service offering restaurant STEAKS difference not only by our vast experience but by the mystique of work that will ensure the best service.

We work with the best products on the market, and produce with the most demanding quality controls and toilet in his preparation.

We have young people, who understands fully the requirements and needs customer, as is qualified in the area of nutrition, gastronomy and care, which will provide a proper nutritional advice in what refers to quantities, variety and proper combination of food.

The food is, without a doubt, something essential and in the case of events, catering It offers a more sophisticated experience and requires a level of creativity and increased both its preparation and presentation originality so Lomitos restaurant is at the forefront of the current demands of the market.

More healthy food

Each Once people are more aware of the importance of having a diet balanced, so we propose healthy and balanced cuisine

Fast food

"The people now have less time and more haste", by which we are in capacity of provide fast quality sandwiches and salads menu dishes of healthy snacks instead of the traditional menu of two dishes, wine and dessert for high executives and administrative personnel.

Visual, olfactory and gustatory attraction

The presentation of food is important and the pleasure of eating begins to see a dish nice, elegant, and well presented. The important thing is that you surprise, You can enjoy visually and flavorfully things new and different

Details of the proposal

We will offer three kinds of menu, which we could meet simultaneously.

·         Menu base $5,000

·         Special menu $8,000

·         Grill menu $12,000

Menu base will be made up of: soup or cream of the day, two types of meat to choose from, a rice in all its varieties, a flour (potato, cassava, plantain, ripe, mash, etc.) (grains or cereals) initially a vegetable (salad or) hot vegetables) and juice accompanying the menu.

A small area is suitable cafeteria with red and aromatic in the take-away lunch for free consumption. Also an area of soft drink that will be natural brown sugar lemonade (cold), also of free consumption, while operators make the row for take their food.

Menu Special will consist of soup, cream the day or portion of fruit, eight varieties of meat on the grill and oven (to choose), rice (optional) a meal, a hot vegetable, a choice of salad or bar Salad (somewhere in the special dining) juice and dessert.

Menu Grill all American cuts of meat, steak, tip of ANCA, bar-b - Q, chicken, steak cutlets, etc., each portion with top weight than 250 grams; soup, rice and juice (optional); included in its base value. is a service à la carte at a comfortable price.

We are in capacity of our service packed from our facilities in containers disposable which would increase the cost of each dish at $500 or also We can transport food in samovars to installations of your company and serve each dish directly.

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Lomitos y Comida de Mar
Autopista Medellin Km 2.5 Parque Empresarial Guadalajara Local 3
Bogotá (Colombia)
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