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CataPrivada is a project born of experience and knowledge acquired by the editing team and Tasting Magazine OnlineLOCatamos. Com, following the success of the first editions ofLOCatamos LIVE.

Leading the project is Sergio Estevez, economist and lawyer expert in the development of new products, brand extensions and exploration of the consumer in the food, beverages and spirits. He is the editor of blogs in the sector of business books as and the drinks sector and spirits asLOCatamos. Com

The project brings together professionals in the development and dissemination of the culture of distillates, which have communication skills and empathy with the client to achieve a seamless connection in our workshops and tasting workshops.

Our idea is to implement our knowledge on new products drinks sector, expertise in the preparation of drinks and so that we can convey to consumers how to get the most from the products in a fun way.

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