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If you are looking for a catering event with family or friends, get in touch with La Chef.Ofrecemos 3 different types of food. Food italiana1 dish of lasagna for 6 people: 14900 pesos1 plate of tiramisu for 8 people: 10900 pesos1 portion of lasagna: 3000 pesos1 portion of Tiramisu: 1500 pesosComida peruana1 dish of ceviche for 6 people: 19900 pesos1 portion of ceviche: 3500 pesos1 portion of suspiro Limeño: 1500 pesosComida French 1 bowl of ratatouille for 6 people: 16900 pesos1 dish of fondant chocolate for 8 people : 10900 pesos1 portion of ratatouille: 3000 pesos1 portion of chocolate fondant: 1500 pesosLas lasagnas are made with handmade dough, real tomatoes and onion sauce and comes with 3 layers with cheese, cream. The customer can choose between the lasagne with meat (adds meat and ham) or vegetarian (added Zucchini and Aubergine). Tiramisu is made with the famous cheese mascarponeEl ceviche is made of salmon or shrimp. Add white wine, Orange, pink onion, avocado chunks, cheese cabraLa ratatouille includes rice and comes with carneEl chocolate fondant is made with a chocolate that comes directly from France, for a flavor issue.

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