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Services of La Casa de los Pasapalos

La Casa del Pasapalos, a traditional company in Venezuela, dedicated to catering services. Since 1962, a forte based fundamentally on Venezuelan Tradition products elaboration: the TEQUEÑO.

The Tequeño, it is made by La Casa del Pasapalos, with the original recipe, and it is thanks to it, that La Casa del Pasapalos has became into a traditional space of Venezuela conserving its original flavor through the time. In La Casa del Pasapalos you will find the traditional mass of Andean pastelitos and a variety of more than thirty different kinds of pasapalos.

In order to enjoy a typical and traditional catering service, you will be able to ask for decorated and ready to eat pasapalos, and the already traditional pasapalos to fry, always counting on the accurate advising of the La Casa del Pasapalos personnel.

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