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Audacity and realism, Creativity and Know-how, Passion of Beautiful and Taste of the detail: Qualities which succeed...

In 1997, Jean-Marie Paul decided to merge Dorel enescot and Butard `Pere & Fils`, caterers since 1933. The aim was to breathe new life into this traditional trade, by offering receptions in phase with current lifestyles.

... By 2000, Butard Enescot had consolidated its position in the `Club` of top Parisian caterers, with a prestigious customer base. In 2002, the young business secured the Pavillion Royal Franchise from the Paris City Council.

In today`s world, people aspire to the genuine article. For Butard Enescot, this desire is expressed in authentic flavours, elegant, novel presentations, easy dialogue between customers and staff, the natural courtesy of the waiters, paying attention to the thousand and one details.

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