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Good afternoon, 2East is the largest and most developed service company of the world drink packs being present in Brazil, USA, Portugal, Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands with our trademark and patented system. Our service is well known for making events like Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Brahma Country, Oktober Fest, big shows of SP and river beaches, among other places. On the other hand the largest beverage brands in the world have relied on our work in promotions or sale! Despite being well known by large amounts of beer for sale work many other products and very unique shapes! In fact we can serve all sorts of drinks anywhere! Hot or cold. With or without gas. Even managed to perfume, sunscreen, moisturizer or that refreshing water spray that you have in parks or on the Boardwalk of the beaches! Everything is possible to be served in our drinks or backpacks backpacks and Pet that we also have.

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