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Are you looking for hostesses in Zagreb? Find them amongst the 6 agencies from Zagreb the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Zagreb

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Glamour Agency

Glamour Agency

GLAMOUR AGENCY is the perfect solution for your requirements: models for fashion shows, magazines, catalogues and commercials,...

Treviso, Italy

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive offers Professional Promotion Staff for Tradeshow Exhibitions, Roadshows, and Live Marketing events...

London, United Kingdom

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Eighth Sense

Eighth Sense

In a society of "logo" of the image, where the trademark the end of big business is no longer sell products (now all too...

Brescia, Italy

Hostess Croatia

Hostess Croatia is a Croatia based agency that offers full spectrum of logistics and personnel support for your events, happenings...

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia Skipper

Croatia Skipper

We provide the services of the best hostesses in Croatia,  with profesional personal that is qualified to work with...

Zagreb, Croatia

If you are going to exhibit in Croatia soon, you have to know why to hire some qualified hostesses

We've talked to Vedran from Hostess Croatia Agency, based in Zagreb. If you are thinking on exhibit in Croatia on the next months is better for you to know how to choose the perfect agency and why is so important.

What does a hostess bring to your exhibition stand?

Depends on exhibitor demands, pair of shoes, suit, promo or educational materials... a smile ?

As an exhibitor, give me some reasons to hire a hostess agency

Outsourcing is sparing time and sparing time is sparing money. Hiring a serious agency will save you all the troubles with casting, time to know your workers and asses the right skillset for a certain job, get rid of all the legal problems with working contracts, permits and taxes.

Hostess Agency in Croatia

Three tips in order to select the right hostess agency

  1. Recommendation
  2. Personal feeling about work ethics and professionality you get from talking to an agent.
  3. Business scanning in national company registers

Zagreb Hostesses

Tell me why I should choose your agency?

  • We are among the first to offer that kind of service in Croatia.
  • We are the first to introduce a scalable business model where our marketing services can "puzzle in" your business at any point, from simple personnel hiring to full marketing concept development.
  • We are the first to develop and use advanced IT softwares for sourcing, profiling and hiring personnel.

In other words if You want to work with pioneers that created the market You are in now, hire us and You won't have competition.

Hostess Croatia Agency

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

  1. Education
  2. Social skills
  3. Work ethics
  4. Looks

Hostesses for Trade Fairs in Croatia

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

There are many, some of them are larger in popularity others are smaller but substantially stronger from the profit side for us. This is the kind of market knowledge I'm unfortunately not allowed to disclose.

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