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On Location

On Location

On Location provides nationwide labor & management for events & tradeshows. Whether you need to install and dismantle...

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Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

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Walk through history in every turn you take, escape to Washington

Washington D.C is by far one of the earnest and modest places in USA. The city is made to learn, brush up on historical facts, stare at monuments and know the latest happenings in politics. You can walk across this city, since it has open avenues, front porches and old neighborhoods with river views. Also having a European touch, it is designed by the Parisian, Pierre L'Enfant, and it still feels that way. A curious fact about the city is buildings cannot by law be higher than the width of the street they front, resulting in always being able to have a clear view of they sky.


Having more than two dozen free museums, you can also absorb culture the way it was meant to be experience, first hand and full of variety. On your list, be sure to include the following. The Capitol is where all the law making happens. The National Mall is where you can treasure the Lincoln Memorial and enter plenty museums along the way. The National Cathedral is also worth the view. For a fun twist, there is the National Zoo. And nightlife, check out U Street, consisting of 8 blocks of pure African-American culture and live music venue.

All throughout the city you are able to find the right amount of history and cultural events. As you walk along, notice the countless hostesses and models that welcome you in to the shows. They are superb examples of what you are able to encounter and expect inside. Being the holder of the most profound, unusual and peculiar monuments, landmarks and sights around the world, you are able to have an unforgettable and surprising experience.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Washington

The Walter E. Washington Center is one of the most extraordinary conventions center in the country. Serving as a 2.3 million-square-foot building, it is fully equipped for everything, from small groups and break-out meetings to events up to 42,000 attendees.

One of the most energy-efficient buildings for its size, the Convention Center includes a range of mixed-use exhibit spaces and 77 break-out rooms, including the largest ballroom in the region. Events are prepared with professional talent, innovative approaches, exceptional agility and flexibility to be able to do everything.

Whatever the size of the event, the service of the Convention Center staff is like no other, as it stand among the best of the country. Only providing top-notch supplies, technology, food and staff.

Fairs in Washington that you just might need hostesses

While you are busy touring the city, keep a look out for these events and take a step into its business side, even further. The Annual Satellite expo is for all kinds of professionals from all sectors who require satellite communications technology with strong emphasis on the conferences, seminars and forums.

Technology World provides a platform where the technology industry can showcase the most innovative and exciting technologies from the top companies in the same place. Attracting international audience, bringing all the IT industry closer.

Washington Craft Show is one of the most impressive shows for the contemporary American crafts. Not only made for buyers and collectors who value quality and original designs, this show presents the leading handcrafts from all around the world. Washington is a top destination when it comes to promoting products.

And what better to give it a push than by having hostesses and models right alongside it? These girls will make your life easier as they are able to give you more publicity, catch more clients attention as well as informing them in a kind and bubbly way. Contact us right away if you are thinking of conquering this city. As we know the best agencies in the city and you will be pleased with our results!