Training Trade Shows by country

Events that take place in this moment


  • Del al ¡Sólo queda 1 día!
  • Bangalore, India
  • Training, Business, Software, Human resources, Equipment and technologies, Education institutions, Education, Books, Technology

EINSTIEG Karlsruhe

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 4 días!
  • Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Training, Business, Human resources, Education

WorldDidac Asia

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 16 días!
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Training, Business, Human resources, Education, Internet, Books

SIAD Santiago de Chile

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 16 días!
  • Santiago Chile, Chile
  • Training, Universities, School, Students, Education


  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 17 días!
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Training, Education centres, Education

Bett Latin America

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 17 días!
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Training, Professional training, Education institutions, Education


  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 22 días!
  • Erba, Italy
  • Training, Education centres, School, Education

World of Learning

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 22 días!
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Training, Engineering, Testing, Electrical engineering, Automation, ICT, Professional training, Human resources, Food processing, Education, Computer science, Books, Technology

Frankfurter Buchmesse

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 23 días!
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Training, Audiovisual, Printing, Education, Printing and graphics, Franchising, Books

Gaudeamus Brno

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 29 días!
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Training, Universities, Education