Free time Trade Shows by country

Events that take place in this moment


  • Del al
  • Hannover, Germany
  • Consumer goods, Home decoration, Cosmetics, Tourism Organisms, Entertainment, Materials, Free time, Equipment and technologies, Pharmacies, Medicine, Leisure

Frankfurt Book Fair

  • Del al
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Culture, Free time, Literature, Leisure, Books

Taiwan Hardware Show

  • Del al
  • Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Automobile, Free time, Industrial fairs, Tools, Gardening, Do it yourself

Reisen & Caravan

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 12 días!
  • Erfurt, Germany
  • Free time, Tourism, Do it yourself

Istanbul Book Fair

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 14 días!
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Free time, Literature, Leisure, Books

Outdoor Retailer Market

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 17 días!
  • Denver, United States
  • Free time, Adventure sports, Sports, Do it yourself

Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar

  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 18 días!
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Crafts, Clocks & watches, Free time, Decorations, Jewellery, Gifts, Do it yourself


  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 27 días!
  • Munich, Germany
  • Toys, Drinks, Free time, Sports equipment, Meal, Sports, Do it yourself, Technology


  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 28 días!
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Clothes, Cosmetics, Personal care, Beauty products, Free time, Hygiene, beauty, Do it yourself, Health


  • Del al ¡Sólo quedan 33 días!
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Television, Free time, Multimedia art, Information technology, Video games, Consumer electronics, Telecommunications, Do it yourself, Electronics, Technology