Food packing Trade Shows by country

Events that take place in this moment

Propak Philippines

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  • Pasay, Philippines
  • Food packing, Packaging

Prod Expo

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  • Moscow, Russia
  • Alimentary, Drinks, Natural foods, Frozen foods, Natural food, Food packing, Equipment, Food packaging, Packing, Food, Technology


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  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Drinks, Food packing, Basic Food, Meal, Food processing, Food


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  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Drinks packaging, Packaging materials, Packaging machinery, Food packing, Packing machinery, Packing materials, Packing, Food processing, Packaging


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  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Drinks, Food packing, Basic Food, Dairy products, Packaging, Food, Services

Hong Kong Food Festival

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  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
  • Meals, Food packing, Food industry, Meal, Food processing, Food

AFEX - AsiaFood Expo

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  • Manila, Philippines
  • Food packing, Food industry, Basic Food, Food processing


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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Drinks packaging, Food packing, Packing machinery, Packing materials, Equipment and technologies, Food processing, Packaging


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  • Munich, Germany
  • Bakery, Alimentary, Raw materials, Food packing, Packing machinery, Food processing, Food

WorldFood Ukraine Tech&Pack

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  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Dairy products sector, Meals, Drinks, Frozen foods, Food packing, Food packaging, Packaging, Food