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Bottega Portici
Bottega Portici

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Paul evaluated ACCIPIO AGENCY

For my theater - Very serious and kindness people


Welcome To Bstaff World Of Events Let our top-notch hostesses and promoters represent your company exactly as you see fit...

Paris, France

Glamour Agency

Glamour Agency

GLAMOUR AGENCY is the perfect solution for your requirements: models for fashion shows, magazines, catalogues and commercials,...

Treviso, Italy



Are you planning a successful trade fair or event? Are you searching for hostesses, models, promoters, interpreters, artists..?...

Cologne, Germany

Cinnamon Hostessen

Cinnamon Hostessen

Cinnamon works on the national and international stage in the hostess and promotion sector, offering comprehensive personnel...

Berlin, Germany

Eye On Model Agency

Eye On Model Agency


Milan, Italy

3.4, based on 3 reviews
Evolution Events

Evolution Events

Evolution Events guarantee the correct choice of Hostess, Model, Translator or Image Hostess, it is always an advantage...

Imola, Italy

4.6, based on 4 reviews


FairWorld, an agency specialized in organizing international trade fairs and events, is based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany),...

Frankfurt, Germany

Hostess & Promoter srl

Hostess & Promoter srl

HOSTESS & PROMOTER offers hostesses, assistants, models, promoters and event staff all over Italy. We are an agency...

Florence, Italy

Marianne International

Marianne International

Marianne International is a hostesses and promoters agency aimed at offering solutions in receptions for events. Born in...

Paris, France

Alizee Hôtesses

Alizee Hôtesses

Alizée Hôtesses is a hosts and hostesses agency specialized in corporate events, in Paris. Alizée proposes...

Paris, France

Florence Doré

Florence Doré

The hostess and promoters of Florence Doré agency participate in more than 2,800 events every year for companies of...

Paris, France

A hostess a real asset to have in a stand; we spoke with Staff Agency Hostesses

What does a hostess bring to your exhibition stand?

A hostess is a real asset at a stand, especially at trade shows.

This is usually the first contact who greets each visitor and it is what will determine the first impression, as it is often decisive due to the idea that the potential customer already has about your brand. She is both an asset and a charming professional partner to have since she will promote your company as much as she can and is capable of thanks to her language and communication skills.

If at first, the budget for one or more hostesses seems a bit superfluous when one already has a full sales team, at the end it turns out to be more than essential because they allow to filter contacts who are not qualified or even have a friendly business conversation with a potential client if at any point, everyone is busy. They either keep them waiting patiently or get their contact information in the most efficient and polite way. The quality of the meetings held at the stand will undoubtedly be optimized right away and the budget will quickly have paid off its benefits.

Hotesses Staff Agency

Give me three tips in order to select the right hostess agency

  1. First, by entrusting the recruitment of hosts and hostesses to a specialized agency in the field, we gain a lot of time on the research and selection of candidates. As we are exhibitors ourselves at trade shows, we know the preparation of an exclusive stand requires a lot of time and energy. That makes giving the power to a trusted provider a valuable aid that allows you to focus on something more important.

  2. Second, it proves a personalized service, according to its needs and its business strategy. It is suffice to say that the agency has all the criteria you want and together they will be able to find you the perfect hostesses. Everything in the selection procedure will be taken into account: languages spoken, level or field of study, level of experience at events, presentations and rarely, their personality.

  3. Third, in the events sector, we are still faced with unforeseen issues that come up last minute. This is where the benefit of having an professional agency comes in handy as for they provide immediate response to deal with the small issues. (replacements, reinforcements, framing, etc...)

Hotesses Staff in Paris

What are your tips for choosing the perfect hostess agency?

  • When you are collaborating for the first time, never accept a quote without receiving a proposal for ideal profiles corresponding your request.

  • This ensures that the agency has identified the desired profile and is conscious about its recruitment.

  • Check references of the agency, including the reputation of its clients and their regularity in their overall performance. A customer who repeats is a satisfied customer.

  • Neither the agency nor you should move toward a cheaper proposition.

  • In fact, the quality or staff comes at a price, especially if one requires specific skills. And unfortunately a “discount” quite often is synonymous with personal “discount” too.

Hotesses Staff Agency Salon Sial

Tell me why I should choose your agency?

Our agency is a reflection of our staff: both young and dynamic but with enough experience to give key support in the success of your event. We are more than a supplier, we will be a partner in the preparation and implementation of your event. And we can advise you to make the best possible choice that will allow you to enhance your image, but also to differentiate yourself from all that has already been seen and reviewed.

We live in a time where there are constants waves of modernism that are breaking traditional codes and shaking off the dust that has been there for decades. We have a wide variety of event profiles (hostesses, entertainers, models, managers, servers, bartenders, actors and many other talents) which allows to use a single provider for all parts of the event.

We seamlessly focus on the human side, as customers receive personalized monitoring from our staff. We are very active in the field of quality control, if something goes wrong, we rectify it and then we improve it.

This operation has enabled us to evolve very quickly in the right direction and be every a little closer to perfection.

Hotesses Staff Agency Salon Cartes

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

The essential qualities to integrate into our staff is professionalism – reliability – interpersonal skills. For some brands that require the following, we can also impose certain physical criteria when recruiting for image reasons.

But our expertise allows us to assert that a marketing/business company wants a smiling and dynamic hostess and this doesn't necessary mean one that measures 1m70 can be much more productive and efficient than any other type of hostesses. We hold the utmost respect towards our client and their contact with event visitors, all contact must be dealt with great importance.

Hotesses Paris

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

There are numerous shows in Paris (over 300 per year) but the biggest which we participate in are:

  • Le Mondial de l’Automobile
  • Le Salon du Bourget
  • Le SIAL (salon de l’industrie agro alimentaire)
  • Maison & Objet

As we work tall hroughout France, I would include mentioning MIPIM Event in Cannes.

Paris Hotesses Staff Agency

People4Fair, a recommended Hostess Agency at Paris Show

Over 50 hostesses and hosts, catering staff and interpreters at SIAL and the main Paris Trade Shows,

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Paris, the true definition of love, art and top-class business

This is the city where the best international events happen all year long. No matter whether it is because you are admiring its streets, going to the next art show or participating in an exclusive business meeting,Paris has something for you.

Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de triomphe, Notre-Dame and more.... all these retell the history of a capital that is 2,000 years old. Adding to this are its big parks which make it the most wooded capital in Europe and its vineyards that are a must-see. All year long as the evening arrives, the magic continues with its lights make these architectural sites shine like no other.

Paris Promo Staff

With a breathtaking view no matter where you go, you can expect that it also holds inner beauty. Being one of the main capitals where business rules its streets, it is also a fashion icon city. Exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, sports, dance shows... all control this enchanted capital. Naturally, you will be able to find the latest in all sorts of trends and technologies in all these events. And even more naturally so a good collection of hostesses and models that come with them.

In a city where being the crème de la crème is a true characteristic, having the best for these events is only logical. It brings out an opportunity for discovery and cultural enlightenment over and over again. Having promoters, models and hostesses will only bring you to the next level in the outstanding and rich city that is Paris.

Paris Hotesse

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Paris

Paris Porte de Versailles Convention and Exhibition Center is the venue of major exhibitions and conventions in Paris. With eight exhibition halls covering 220,000 sq.m and located in the middle of the city, it is the top-ranked exhibition center in France and seventh in all of Europe. It welcomes 200 exhibitions, conventions and business events all throughout the year. As well as six million visitors worldwide.

Hotesse Lancement Ballantines Brasil Paris

The Center of New Industries and Technologies is one of the first buildings built in La Defense in Paris, France. Within the convention center, the French Congress was built. It became one of the largest conference and exhibition center in Europe for both public and state use. The building has 3 amphitheaters , 21 multipurpose rooms and more than 17,000 m² of exhibition surface.

Trade Shows in Paris that you just might need hostesses for

With a city that brings in the magic like no other, don't miss out on these events while you are in Paris! Maison et objet is the top platform for professionals in the art of living. It gives solutions for every visitor's needs in decoration, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances and more. It's constant creativity makes it a unique event to be in. CphI Worldwide Paris is one of the most attractive trade shows in the pharmaceutical sector. Bringing participants from around the world, industry professionals do key networking and also give out advice and new technologies to the fairground.

Emballage unites every two year the international professionals of the packaging industry. It demonstrates to be a key expo to be in because of its global power and its rich variety in bringing in every category of the sector. Midest is the world's leading subcontracting show. Assembling 1,700 exhibitors together with 42,000 professionals, it always bring new products and the top business-makers of the industrial subcontracting sector.

Referring to events, Paris is one of the most diverse cities worldwide. You can find everything you need all year long. It is guaranteed that every event presented here is promoted by hostesses or models. It gives out the best kind of publicity, the right kind of look and most of all, a great way to contact with clients. Find what you are looking for in the city that is made for love, art and business.