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Services of Voicelink Tradução Simultânea

Voicelink provides the full range of interpreting services in Brazil, including interpreters and equipment

Simultaneous interpreting

Confined in a sound-proof translation booth, interpreters listen to the speaker through headsets and translate the content of the talk to participants in real time.  Please, check the languages offered by Voicelink2 Simultaneous Translation or browse our frequent questions session.

Consecutive or intermitent interpreting

The interpreter sits beside the speaker, listening attentively and taking notes. After a full thought has been expressed, the speaker stops and the interpreter  then delivers that content in the target language to the audience. Consecutive interpreting doubles the time allotted to the presentation owing to the various pauses.  

Liaison interpretingDuring tours of industrial facilities, companies, crop fields  interpreters translate to participants the message the speaker/guide says with or without portable interpreting devices.


We speak your language. Our team of highly qualified interpreters covers the most commonly used languages in the Brazilian events business: English, Portuguese, Spanish.

Other languages are available, inclusing French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese and Hebrew. Our interpreters are affiliated to AIIC and APIC, and count on over 10 years of experience in simultaneous interpreting

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