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Service Hostess-interpreter-ImmagineSiamo able to furnish the service of representation and promotion covering the whole Italian and European territory, thanks to a vast net of contacts and collaborations.Our strength derives from the competence gotten in years of experiences to the service of the enterprises that allows us to individualize and to efficiently support our personnel following the lines drives pointed out us.Our services don't limit him to the usual linguistic knowledges or of image, but they understand a transversal knowledge of the sector that allows us to conduct, to direct and to already valorize the relationship with your existing clients and with the prospects.We offer all the solutions for every demand in fair circle, from the presence of the hostess of representation both in store that out store, to the hostess of promotion and demonstration of the products or services. Through the consultation and the exposure of our services custom, to the of the profiles of our hostesses we produce the planning and the development of the business plan for the programmed event.

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