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RUBY’S Welcoming Officers: Carefully selected, Ruby’s Welcoming Officers are extensively trained on Business & Social Etiquette, Communication Skills and Events Management, so to: 1) Exhibit substantial knowledge in greeting, escorting and seating guests with a genuine delicacy and fineness 2) Act as master hostesses for any event and create a welcoming environment for invited guests 3) Adapt to the requirements, rules and regulations of every event so to ensure proper flow of the scheduled activities We will be more than glad to cooperate with you in any of your upcoming: Business Events such as: Conference, Seminars, Trade Shows, Business Dinners, Press Conferences, Forums, Executive/Board Meetings, Product Launches, Opening Ceremonies, VIP Events, Award Ceremonies, etc. OR Social Events such as: Weddings, Anniversary, Birthdays, Family Events, etc.

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