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In the market, is recognized by its partners as a solid and reputable company. It has a body of professionals attuned to the client's interest, and above all fully qualified to provide the best service. Always looking for improvements offers its employees opportunities for growth and constant training.The Red Promocções and Events is the result of entrepreneurial energy of its founders combined with the creativity and professionalism of its employees throughout its trajectory.Honesty and integrity are values ​​that guide Ethical our relationship with our customers and determine the path to our success.Our main goal is to establish lasting partnerships with our customers from the total commitment to their culture, values ​​and actions taken towards their goals and institutional goals.Promotional actions executed as:Blitz, Sampling, exchange gifts, Approach, Tasting, Demonstration, Replenishment, Inventory Balance, Consumer mysterious, Supervision, Cuponagem, Logistics and handling of promotional materials,Differentiated actionsLeafleting, Distributions, search marketing (home and public places), Exhibition Banners, Banners, Standarts, Easels, Bandeiradoras, arrow-Man, Man-Sandwich, collage posters, graffiti, among other alternative actions.Casting for fairs and eventsModels, Hostesses, Promoters (s), supervisors, among othersServices StaffDelivery of invitations, Typing, Cuponagem, Mapping sites for Promotional Actions, Settlement of media organs public quotation of suppliers of products and services, etc.Animation and Recreation EventsPerformers such as magicians, Leg-of-staff, clowns, jugglers, skaters, dancers, singers, bands, among others. Also we work with popcorn carts, cotton candy, fries, toy supply among others.

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