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Briefing-A ProCasting always seeks to correct the details that many agencies do not give the value segment needed, based on this, we have created a very detailed briefing, where the client exposes your request, thus minimizing the margin of discontent during the event.

Prosecutors: Concerned with the welfare of our promoters is given them the opportunity to express their opinion, this makes them feel more valued and we can analyze our work before other perspectives.

Customers: Flexibility, communication and understanding are our main features to establish a healthy and fair. Subscribe to our services is a way to let the customer more secure and also gives us the ability to coordinate the work, make changes, pass information, etc..

Selection: When it comes to selection, so that the customer does not waste time and do not cause stress to the promoters of ProCasting we do it for you! Based on information from the briefing, chose exactly the profile of the desired promoter. If necessary, we provide training on your company and products to promoters.

Satisfaction Survey: A tool of evolution, the search is answered by customer at the end of our work. Using the information collected, we have the vision of our mistakes and successes, which strengthens the company's structure and reduces the margin of error for future events.

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