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We  provide high quality translation and interpreting service and translate to and from all languages. We're present in all your daily life: at the pharmacy, the supermarket and retail shops, in DIY shops and advertising, children's shops, even at your dentist. We are with you when you surf the net, replace a part or buy a car. We are part of your beauty cream, we celebrate Christmas with you (conveniently placed on the sparkling wine or cake label). We join you at major Theme Parks and while you're enjoying breakfast, sipping your fruit juice. You can find us in your plumbing and electrical systems and all the fittings found in your Home. We are a strong team with a long history of experience in translations, distinguished by a wide range of customized, value-added solutions. The key factor to our success is having chosen to support our know-how and motivated staff with high-performance computer systems. For Nexo Corporation, every single translation is a shared success!

Technical translations, business translations, advertising and marketing translations, medical and scientific translations, legal translations, interpreting


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