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No one knows your business better than you; trade shows are unique in that every client visiting your stand must feel like they are connecting to the business owner regardless of who they get to talk to while on your stand. Your sales service must be professional and confident if you are to make the trade show worthwhile and ensure clients at the show choose you and not the competition just down the walkway.

If you are an existing business which is accustomed to trade shows and require some extra help on the day then our ‘trade show sales service’ will be a perfect fit. We provide sales executives with no less than ten years’ experience in B2B and B2C sales. Our most senior Sales executives have over twenty years in the sales business and will compliment your existing sales team during the trade show.

We provide clear pricing for our services with no hidden extras. If you are a fledging business and looking to take on your first trade show we offer a daily sales service from our experienced sales executives or a complete trade show service. We will tailor our service to your needs. We have designed and built award winning trade stands in the UK and understand the pressure to perform.

When you have instructed us, we will undertake a non-invasive product and service research analysis of your business, the more information you can provide us prior to the trade show the better we can perform for you on the day. Our Trade show service offers professional, experienced sales executives who will understand how to approach and converse with prospective clients and the general public. There is a great deal of skill required when securing clients and sales. We do not provide students or bunny girls for this role, there is a place for this service however trade show selling is an art to be taken seriously if you want real numbers and quality clients at the end of the show. We offer our services in the UK and EU based out of London and Hamburg, our pricing structure clearly outlines costs Inc any travel costs.

We cover all trade shows in the UK and the EU regardless of the industry. To secure one of our experienced sales executives please book in good time before the trade show. Building a trade stand requires a vast amount of work and investment, everything can go as planned, have a great response and meet lots of clients and then three months later the company’s sales and profits have seen little benefit from the trade show. The culprit is more often than not a lack of or poor follow up post trade show. When a client arrives on your stand we will form a personal relationship with them quickly and ensure that they remember our sales executive and more importantly your business. Having obtained their contact details it is vital that the same person makes contact within a week of the trade show to arrange a follow up meeting or secure an order. We provide this service on a fixed commission, no sales, no charge to you.

If your trade show stands have been busy then we can be of service to you, there is no worse a feeling than seeing a client walk onto the stand and leave again because no one is free or looking in the client’s direction. Likewise, if your trade stands looks great and you have a great product but lack the professional sales skills required to get orders signed then we are the sales business you need to take you to the next stage or just bring in the much-needed sales and cash flow at this stage of your business.

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