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The Mayers productions and events is an agency specialized in providing Human Resources for events, Promotions, congresses, fairs and Casting for advertising agencies and producers of cinematograph films and commercials.

We offer all kinds of labor with qualified professionals and highly qualified to serve your company. We operate throughout the national territory, with differentiated service and innovative ideas.

The Mayers Productions stands out for its competence and perfectionism and with that comes rising every day plus your name, providing quality services and generating customer satisfaction that the hires.

The fields of activity of the Agency, are specific to each customer According to your needs, generating satisfaction as a whole.

The Mayers Productions has a Mix of products that caters to the event.




Innovation! This is the keyword in the concept of Morgado productions. Seeking a field still not very extensive and of revelation, the company is proud of its services in which always stresses customer satisfaction.

Engaged and always tuned in large events around the world, this is the differential of the Agency, which acts in its segment with a perfect ease.

With Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, the company works in aggregate form with their service providers. A conceptual method and working out.

Focusing the national market and producing increasingly Morgado Productions aims to satisfy all who pass by it, since your clients to its employees.

The Mission of the Agency is to become the largest company in the field of productions and events in the country, always seeking to add personal values, consisting of people who disappear in a group as a whole.

That's how the company sees higher growth, because what you imagine we will become reality.



Our Services:


Several receptions (Receptionists Monolingual/Bilingual/Trilingual-/Multilingual);





POV actions;

Exchange of gifts; Advertising information;



Get togethers;

Bartender/waiter and waitress;

Promotions in General;

All types of Buffet;

Product launches;

Institutional Actions;

Events: Corporate/Social;

Field research;

Staff for fairs, congresses, conventions, etc.

Recreation team;

Promotion and demonstradoras;

Security guards;

Cleaning crew;

Kitchen maids;


The brigades;




Sound and audio;

Rental Real Estate;

Starring: Actors, actresses, models, figurative, etc.


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