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In recent times, the way of life and interaction of society, as well as product and market segmentation have evolved abysmal, generating unprecedented changes in the way we communicate that can not be ignored, forcing us to evolve in the way of reaching the consumer, to invent new forms of communication more creative and original, creating direct messages to specific markets and thus conquer the prospect.One of these ways of approaching the consumer is directly promotions models and hostesses, where the goal is to create a personalized and direct relationship with the consumer or receiver of the message, reach potential buyers in a more efficient and less costly , in a creative and ingenious to capture the target market and fulfill our marketing or communication strategy.MISSIONReinventing the everyday everyday with imagination and a profound sense transcendent do new, constructive and positive even in the midst of the most puzzling amid adversity as the hottest sound for one purpose: to serve and be useful to others.VISIONConsolidate as a recognized leader in the industry not only for its excellent service and human talent, but as a company reflective about ethics as a new way of being in the world of market movements.Koos Ethics in Management will be the "soul" of the company and to help bring meaning to the work that is undertaken within the corporation or our company.VALUESThe increased scrutiny of society, accelerated democratization of peoples and the new information age and global knowledge, make it increasingly difficult the survival of corporations and businesses that are sustained by the principles of respect, honesty, consistency and commitment. Consumers today are not those of yesterday. Citizens and companies have matured, reflect more and decide better.

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