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Isadora Concept is a premium hostess agency that aims to create a new concept among luxury events that combines beauty and elegance with intelligence and marketing strategy.

We will talk a bit about how we will know how to choose the most suitable and good hostess for us.

Here are some useful and objective tips on how we can know which is the best hostess agency.here are many hostess agencies on the market, and although at first glance it would seem that they all do the same thing, each is differentiated by quality of service, price, dedication, passion and more.

The attitude of the agency towards the hostesses!

 As I said above, when work is appreciated, we tend to be more involved in the work of our job and in achieving the desired results!

Therefore, the attitude of the agency and its representatives towards the hostesses concerned is equally important. It should not be too strict or very friendly.

From the hostess experience over the years, I noticed that the hostess agencies do not treat their hostesses at all, being treated more like objects. Although hostesses embody the visual and a preset image, it does not mean they have to be treated as such. Therefore, it is good to know, after several types of research, what is the employer-hostess relationship and the environment in which it unfolds.

A good relationship can motivate hostesses to do their job better, getting the desired results!


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