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GOODLUCK & NEWLOOKS Agency and EVENTOSO work of a talent agent includes marketing and promotion of several people who have specific talents in acting, modeling, or both. Many talent agents work exclusively with actors or actresses, while others work with models of different ages or can focus only children or adults. A talent agent works closely with the talent to help you, so learn the various skills needed to get the best way forward. This means that the talent agent should have a good background of the kind of career that talent is interested in pursuing. MAKEUP And Hair For PICTURES And Filming, WEDDINGS, Fairs, Receptionists, Congresses, SPECIAL MAKEUP For SHOWS, TV, LIVE PROGRAMS, DRESSING ROOMS For RECEPTIONISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, Filming, POST MATERIALS FAIRS For MAGAZINES, EVENT SITES, PUBLICATIONS DISSEMINATION, Advertising. ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS, EMAIL MARKETING, REGISTRATION OF VISITORS. CASTING OF HIGH STANDARD IN RECEPTION, CONFERENCES, HOTELS, SERVICE FROM ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT UNTIL THE END OF THE FAIR

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