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GAR SECURITY WWW.GARSECURITY.COM-phone: (19) 3029-3013/7804-5311 ID 35 9 * 18 * 41385 EMAIL: GARSERVICOS@GMAIL.COM what we do we provide services in: CORPORATE EVENTS, CORPORATE EVENTS, SPORTING and social, concerts, Weddings, graduations, Coffee Breaks, Cocktails, dinners, lunches, launches, Inaugurations, events in General, racing, leagues, conferences, fairs, Jerk and conventions. EVENTS, PROMOTIONS AND COMMERCIALS Security for events, cleaning, Fire Brigades and civil, Chargers, Hostesses, Concierge services and access control. OUR TEAM-we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals in various areas in which we operate. Event SECURITY-Our security teams are used to answer all sorts of events seriously and accurate information, keeping the entire event safely. All uniformed with HT Radio. Cleaning and maintenance-uniformed Professionals

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