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The ElliteSul operates in the Services Concierge and area surveillance since 2008, has a team qualified and reliable. The company's professionals are properly recruited and selected through technical and psychological evaluations, not only in its insertion as well as during the work.

The training and the monitoring of our team are systematic to better serve our client within your needs.

We provide services high standard and custom with low turnover, because of the care that We have on our personal selection. Tell always with our punctuality to attendance in your Ordinance.

Our commitment is to you, our customer, that goes beyond the ready solution of their problems, thereby allowing your attention be focused on your business, leaving security on our own, because this is the our specialty.

The services of Ordinance shall be determined after a technical visit, based on survey of vulnerabilities, held through fieldwork, analysis of risks and local history, riding a custom security strategy, on the days and times you needs.

The ElliteSul Services clients of the most diverse segments, of singular way, among them: real estate (residential and commercial condominiums), associations and Unions, Pharmacies, Engineering firm, Advertising and producing events, etc.

Ask for budget, We will be happy to assist you.

In this opportunity, Thank you for your query and we put ourselves at your disposal for further clarification regarding our services.

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