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Deseret Agency &, Production expecting a large portfolio of models and artists over four years in the fashion market and event production meeting the demands and needs of our users and is committed to service excellence, quality and professionalism that fully meets our current and potential customers. The Objective performing general artistic activities - cultural nationally, is to standardize business guidelines as to call, dissemination, planning and management of each of them, as well as providing various artistic events, developing themes such as theater, musicals, classics, children's programs, dance and humor nationwide. Deseret Agency &, Production, has demonstrated the variety of services and expertise, delivering a good result for the performance in full of their models on catwalks, catalogs, promotions, events, art, graphics and various high profile events such as Fashion Week 2007 - 2008 Chile and Argentina, Open Viña del Mar2008, 2009, Expo Naval 2008 2010, Viña del Mar Fashion Week 2009, television programs (Program Viña del Mar Festival in TVN), Sonesta Hotel Osorno, Osorno Casino sun, Sol Osorno Myths Pub, Pub Lair Osorno, Chilean Chamber of Construction, VYVA Fair 2009, 2010, Sernatur, Chile Dakar 2010, Fidae 2008, 2010, construction in colors, 2010, FIDAM 2010, Congress Choir (congrso Chile), 2010, Expo Architecture Camanra Chilean Construction 2010, Expo 2011 Vivenda estdo Bank, Team summer and promotions at various points of large retail companies and parades in different cities.

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