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Our hand picked, engaging and professional people bring events & brands to life everyday all over the UK and sometimes the world.Each team member passes our thorough recruitment process and is selected based on their direct skills, personality, appearance, work ethic and experience. We then bring our experience of matching the right team member to the brand or event we're representing. This enables us to deliver to our clients exactly what they need time and time again.We provide Brand Ambassadors, Event Managers, Models, Presenters, Actors and more to some of the most renowned event agencies and brands in the industry. We take an inordinate amount of pride in providing the right solution every time and the very best people the industry has to offer.In house training, monitoring, feedback & accreditation supported by our ISO 9001 & 14001 certification for quality standards means we set ourselves quality benchmarks in event staffing, through recruitment & delivery. We bring proven experience and expertise to each and every one of your events.We know events and we know the people it takes to deliver them.

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