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Be My Guest is a hostesses agency with Head Offices in Switzerland that offers a competent, elegant, qualified and multilingual staff to all your specific events such as Congresses, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Launchings, and others.

The hostesses and promoters of Be My Guest  are your ambassadors and also, our brand image, our selection criteria is extremely strict: elegance, smile, multilanguage speakers, diplomacy, characterized the spirit of our company. We guarantee our know how for the good development of your event.

We strictily select your event staff according a customized briefing for each mission. In case of illness, accidents or other Be My Guest replaces the personnel. At  every event, the company provides a 24/24 phone desk. Our events starr is competent in professional & VIP reception, corporate visits, accreditations, brand promotion, transfers, and more.

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