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Services of ASIC, S.L.

It is a Recruitment company with the primary objective of making available to employees at all times specified by the user companies, for the cases envisaged in law. ASIC is characterized by a scrupulous respect for the general labor law and sector-specific at all levels (Health and Safety, Data Protection, Training, Compensation, etc ...)

ASIC work is characterized by an urgent basis in the selection process to cover defendants profiles, with an efficiency in adapting to the position, practically guaranteed.

Our success is based on the careful selection made by our responsible, ensuring the quality of service. Among other tools, have a DATABASE continuously updated to ensure compliance with the commitments made

Phase 1: Description of the profile. - As you select. - Competencies required. - Attitudes and skills for the job.

Phase 2: Interview skills base. - Motivation - Interest - Language. - Personal traits. - Presence

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