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HOST HOSTESSThe image of a Hostess is important for your brand. In events where you have to inform potential customers about your product or service, have Host A1 is one of the reasons for a successful event.Our values:TIMELINESSThe fundamental value of Hosts A1, we believe that punctuality is not reach the correct time is to be 10, 20, 40 minutes before the start of the event, or request, to host their final touches of makeup and den dressed in the uniform of their brand.COMMITMENTHost the shirt put your brand, helping, working on what they can in your stand or your event. Integrated into the host team of the event, working together in communication helps your event a success.EFFICIENCYA pretty face is not enough, now we have to inform about the product or service, and do well, efficiently, to do our hostesses are trained, and better training than our own clients in their offices.KINDNESSBesides flawless smile, you have to convey warmth, accompanied by cordial and friendly gestures at the time of reporting when your prospects, thus it is necessary to Host A1 can positively influence the decision to purchase your product or service purchase .

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