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4Angels is an agency staff for events school formed by professionals and works closely with its customers to provide the highest level of quality service. In a world each time more designed, believe in the possibility of giving shape to all type of experiences.

Through the school, we are committed to enhance the profiles of our staff to be leaders in their professions and in the sociedad.4Angels is notable for its elegance, professionalism and effectiveness. You have at your disposal a complete and dynamic team that studies, monitors and analyzes the success of its customers.


4Angels is firmly committed to give our students the best possible preparation for their life and career. Its approach to the learning is unique, highly custom and guaranteed to ensure is of that complies with its potential. Classes are small, with teaching and the personal touch of your particular agent every day.

To ensure that students are fully prepared, 4Angels integrates professional skills in all areas. The students have the opportunity of acquire a valuable experience in the realization of projects, skills and practices in companies.


4Angels is epecializa in the provision of an attractive team of unmatched and highly qualified professionals in their areas of specialization. 4Angels has a selective database to maintain a core of high-quality staff that is part of the team. This allows promote a high level of service that guarantees our ability to select the personality appropriate for each project.

HOW DO WE WORK? Model Screening

4Angels meets personally with all the event staff. All of them have a selection process of 5 steps that allows us to know your profile until they form part of any event or promotion. You have a working model in which you can be sure that your appearance is as they appear in their photos, which have the right attitude, are specific and are sure to impress the most demanding customer.

Event information

Now more than ever, 4Angels understands and appreciates that them customers encesitan an information of their events accurate and timely. Therefore, prior request there is the possibility of create reports custom with all the data, pictures and videos related with the event. 4Angels will work with each customer to identify areas of importance that allow accurate measurement of the effectiveness of the program

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