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Are you looking for hostesses in Chicago? Find them amongst the 4 agencies from Chicago the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Chicago

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Access MBA Chicago

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SpokesModels Agency provides you with the best Talent in the Industry to handle any of your needs for SpokesModels, either...

Chicago, United States

Motivated Models

Motivated Models

Motivated Models is a boutique trade show modeling agency providing trade show models, event talent and entertainment. We...

Las Vegas, United States

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive offers Professional Promotion Staff for Tradeshow Exhibitions, Roadshows, and Live Marketing events...

London, United Kingdom

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How to select a hostess agency, by Shawn Wirtz from SpokesModels

1. What goes into selecting a hostess agency for an event?

An Agency that specializes in the particular event and local area is the key factor in selecting an Agency. There is also the amount of service that you are looking for from the company, do you want the company to plan the whole trade show event for you, or just hiring talent. Also looking into how professional they portray themselves on Social Media, Internet, and with contact for first time.

2. What does a hostess from SpokesModels Agency bring to the event?

Our Hostesses bring to the Trade Show Floor the Professional and Outgoing personality that is needed to be able to portray our clients to the World. Our Talent is the most beautiful and experienced in the industry, we make sure that the talent our client chooses is able to handle the job professionally as possible.

3. Three tips for the entrepreneur in choosing a hostess agency.

Tip one: An agency that specifically specializes in the industry. Second: The Professionalism that the company portrays itself. Third: The amount of service that you are looking for the company to help with your event.

4. Which basic knowledge should a hostess work on for the exhibition? (languages, specific knowledges, etc.)

Each Booth and Exhibition is different on the specific knowledge that is needed from the hostess. There are shows that aim towards a particular nationality, which will need a Hostess that is Bi-lingual. Generally though, Hostesses need specific knowledge in being able to talk to people, gain their interest in checking out the booth, Being able to adapt to different job titles and duties, professionalism in doing Hair and Makeup, and being able to have a happy face all day during the show.

Hostesses in Chicago

5. What are, in your opinion, the most difficult parts of working a trade show?

With having a Experienced Trade Show Hostess, the Trade Show Floor isn’t difficult to handle since they know that they need to do to adapt easily to the different roles. If the Hostess is not experienced with Trade Shows, they will have a difficult time in being able to handle the adaption of different roles that is required.

6. What are the advantages?

The advantages of being a Booth Hostess is being able to choose which shows that you want to work and where in the country you want to work. This gives Booth Hostess a chance to be able to see other parts of the country and being able to network with new people every year. While also being able to learn different products/services and doing wide range of duties, which keeps things interesting.

7. What makes SpokesModels different from other Chicago agencies?

Experience is our key. We have happier hostesses because we pay them immediately following completion of their work, while having competitive rates, thus they do a better job for our client. We are always professional, and we make sure we are there every step of the way, to make sure the event goes wonderfully for both our clients and talents.

It doesn't matter how windy it gets, Chicago's exciting events are a must!

Chicago, the windy city, is known for its baseball and towering skyscrapers. You can shop on The Magnificent Mile and ice skate year long in Millennium Park. You can relax with various spas or you can enjoy its vivid nightlife with quite a few clubs downtown. There is something you can do in this city, either indoors or outside in nature.

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Today, it is an international meeting point for finance, technology, industry, commerce, telecommunications and transportation. Even its airport on the top of the list of busiest airports in the world. With over 40,000 visitors year-long, you can expect to find a great amount of shows in every venue possible. You can find live music, comedy shows, ballets, opera, art shows, museums and much more in the third largest city of the U.S.A.

Whether it is because you are interested in the local cuisine, the impressive architecture or want to explore the old school jazz clubs, you can find something for everyone's taste. Each hub is filled with a lively atmosphere and hostesses to help you enjoy every moment of it. There is no doubt that each fairground is filled with models, promoters and hostesses. They are essential to every show.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Chicago

McCormick Place, Chicago's main convention center, is found downtown. It attracts about 3 million visitors and an average of 105 events a year. Not only being one main building itself, but four all-around: The North, South, West building and Lakeside center.

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Chicago offers the very best in location, marketing, service and amenities. Its space is fully equipped with the latest in technology, over 6,000 parking spaces, free WI-Fi, 173 meetings rooms and seating for 15,000 people. As this is one of the biggest convention centers in US, it continues to grow every few years, making it one of the best ones of the country too.

Everything is personalized, from the smallest of details. No matter what type event you need, everything is up the date and very well organized. If you are looking for a city that is filled with the latest events, you have found it right here. Be sure to add your own show with the top models and hostesses of the city.

Events in Chicago that you just might need hostesses

Now that Chicago has caught your eye, don't miss out on these events. NRA, National Restaurant Show, is all about face to face interaction in the hospitality industry, where anyone can taste, touch and try out million of products from around the world. With more than 44,000 trade professionals, it is the perfect place where you can find everything you need in the food industry.

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The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. More than 100,000 visitors gain valuable ideas and insights from over 2,000 exhibitors from the metalworking industry. PACK EXPO International is one of the main trade fairs for processing, pharmaceutical, packaging technology. With more than 140 free education sessions in various centers on the show floor, it gives you a chance to explore the countless areas of the sector.

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA®) is an international society of radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals with more than 54,000 members from 136 countries across the globe. Its annual fair brings in the best of the best as it is a premier event in the sector. As you can see, Chicago opens the doors for a great variety of events all year long. Be part of it all with the best hostesses and models in the city, contact us and we will help you all the way.