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Are you looking for hostesses in Cape Town? Find them amongst the 2 agencies from Cape Town the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Cape Town

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JK Promotions

JK Promotions

JK Promotions South Africa is one of a kind when it comes to Promotions, Events, Functions, corporates, exhibitions, club...

Cape Town, South Africa

Sob Kabob

Sob Kabob

Our agency aims to cater for the niche market and multi tasks in all areas of the hospitality industry. Each of our staff...

Cape Town, South Africa

Hostesses bring popularity, clarity of product/brand and create positive awareness

When you are going to exhibit abroad, sometimes is difficult to find reliable Hostesses. For that reason in nEventum we try to bring you closer with the Hostesses Agencies of each city. On that way if your are preparing an exhibition at Cape Town, don't miss this interview with JK Promotions for discover how they work and why you have to choose them.

Jk Promotions For Trade Shows

What does a hostess bring to your exhibition stand?

Hostesses bring popularity, clarity of product/brand and create positive awareness. She adds to the look and feel of the stand and being presentable and welcoming at all times creates a professional outlook. Most importantly, to attract prospective clients to the stand.

Hostess Agency In Cape Town

As an exhibitor, give me three reasons to hire a hostess agency

  1. Hostess agencies are the middle man, we do the work so the client doesn't have to and can conentrate on other areas of their exhibit/ daily work duties etc. We take that one small but important stress away.

  2. Agencies (should) ensure the girls are briefed accordingly, presentable and ready to act on behalf of the company as if they'd work there for some time. A good reflection through agency recruitment process and taking the time out to source the ideal candidate is also important as being in the Industry and the industry being small, we know which girls to rely on and will be of a good representation when booked.

  3. To budget for exhibit staff can be costly and at the end of your exhibit, a client always wants a return on investment, awareness and exposure. if this isn't catered for ,which can happen when going private, it can be a costly mistake. Agencies ensure this doesnt happen. A good agency will not accept chancers.

Jk Promotions

Give me three tips in order to select the right hostess agency

1.They are professional and prompt in response. This is a good reflection on whether they will be on call for you until the exhibition is over.

2.The profiles of hostesses are of impecable quality and all girls have been screened by the agency to ensure no chancers.

3.The agency/ booker is happy to become just as part of the exhibition stand/ event as the client is and hugely reliable for future events . A good agency is an agency who becomes your booking 'friend' and always on call.

Jk Promotions Hostess Agency

Why I should choose your agency?

Having started off as a promotions/hostess girl myself to fund myself through college, i understand the work on the field. I know the etiquette and expectations of being a hostess and the process of brand knowledge for the client. I have a good relationship with all my girls and with this, trust is gained and when everyone works together, it's a brilliant workforce to hire. Our girls all have experience, are beautiful inside and out and we ensure 100% cllient satisfaction regarding their brand.

Hostesses For Trade Fair At Cape Town

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

She needs to be educated, ambitious as these are required traits complimenting drive. Prior product training (if not through us) as a benefit. To carry herself well. Lazy is a word we dont use and to be honest at all times. She must be proud of herself and confident as well as beautiful, inside and out. Life is too short to be sour.

Jk Promotions Agency In Cape Town

What are the advantatges of working for a trade fair?

There is exposure everywhere. The girls gain the most experience at trade fairs especially the international one's that come to our city. Experience is key and with good international relations, they can conquer any brief of work following our/client requirements and this boosts self confidence which is JK's Key. When your girls are good, this resonates to other stands and for us, possible new clients and more work for the girls.

Cape Town Hostess Agency

And the hardest part?

Ensuring everyone is happy, you can get difficult clients as well as the ODD new girl who may be having a bad day etc. Life happens and IF a girl cannot somehow get to the fair on time or becomes ill etc, we always have a trained hostess on standby.

Jk Promotions Hostesses

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

  • Design Indaba
  • Mining Indaba
  • AfricaCom
  • Good Food& wine show
  • Cape Town International boat show