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Are you looking for hostesses in Budapest? Find them amongst the 14 agencies from Budapest the ones that better fit your needs. From congress hostesses to promoters, we have the solution for your event in Budapest

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Eye On Model Agency

Eye On Model Agency

Eye on Model agency offers excellence in services that are always focused to a high staff level: models, hostesses, intepreters,......

Milan, Italy

People4Fair GmbH

People4Fair GmbH

The right personnel for your successful shows in Germany is at People 4Fair. Your goal is to motivate and convince people...

Frankfurt, Germany

Globe Group & Co. Holding srl

Globe Group & Co. Holding srl

Gruppo Globe is a holding divided in business sectors and fields. It's the first large network of services for companies...

Milan, Italy

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

Expo Stars Interactive offers Premium Promotion Staff worldwide including:  1. Multilingual Booth hostesses 2. Promotion...

London, United Kingdom

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Euroline International Hostesses

Euroline International Hostesses

We provide foreign exhibitor companies with experienced & qualified event staff at international trade shows, exhibitions,...

Istanbul, Turkey

Agentur OTeam

Agentur OTeam

OTeam Agency offers a wide range of services connected with meetings, exhibitions and presentations.  The Agentur OTeam...

Munich, Germany

Angelic Hostess Agency

Angelic Hostess Agency

Our hostess and promotion agency provides high level service, for your business, or company. Our agency keeps up with the...

Budapest, Hungary

VIVACE Hostess and Models Agency

VIVACE Hostess and Models Agency


Warsaw, Poland

Avocado Models

Avocado Models

Avocado Models is working with over 300 commercial models and hostesses for the whole Polish market.  The agency offers...

Poznan, Poland

Glamour Agency

Glamour Agency

GLAMOUR AGENCY is the right agency to which riivolgerti for your needs: models and fashion models for fashion shows, fashion...

Treviso, Italy

Budapest, the best destination in all of Europe to see the city from every point of view

Whether you are on four wheels, on a two wheel bike, on horse or by boat, Budapest will take you everywhere you want as you enjoy the spectacular view. Walk along its endless busy streets or see them through the comfortable seating area along the Danube. Revealing beautiful landscapes on both sides, there is so much to see and do here that it will keep you coming back for more.

Budapest Hostess And Promotional Staff

Through the Margaret Bridge, you can drive over to Buda. On that side, you are able to see the impressive Castle District, Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion. Over at Gellert Hill, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest from one of the highest places around. After all this, cross the river to see the Pest side of the city. You will be able to see the famous Central Market Hall, followed by the largest Synagogue of Europe and the City Park. Take a break in Europe’s largest thermal spa, the Budapest Zoo and the Amusement Park, and shortly after stop at the Heroes’ Square.

This historic city is also up to date, as it welcomes thousands of tourists for their many events, meetings, expos and conferences all throughout the year. Be sure to check them out, as well as bring your own brand to them. As an added plus, there is no way you can go wrong with hostesses and models. They keep your clients in line and entertained, more than that, they inform and attract newcomers to your stand with their delightful smile and kind-hearted help.

Great Trade Fair and Convention Centers in Budapest

While you are cruising the city, get involved in one of their many expositions, all hosted in Hungexpo. This iconic arena is known for conducting a grand variety of international trade shows, exhibitions, private events and functions. Covering over 36 hectares of prime land area, 50,000 m2 of outside spade and 60,000 m2 of inside space, make it easy to receive 15,000 guests at the same time.

As we speak, this facility is undergoing reconstruction as its being expanded to reach a higher amount of visitors. Among the many expo centers worldwide, this one stands out for its excellence in service and high standards. Located in the heart of the capital, it is merely a 20 minute car ride to and from the airport. Enjoy this easy to reach economic hub, as it grows to be a popular business and tourist destination.

Whether you are either exhibiting or looking for a great place to host your show, Budapest is the right city for you. There is something to do for everyone in the family while you work alongside fellow colleagues of your industry.

Trade Shows in Budapest that you just might need hostesses for

As you can see by the amazing expo, you can also find many trade shows. Within this main convention center, you'll be welcomed by various themes and topics for ongoing events. Check some of these out. Costruma offers classic and modern products for the construction industry all around, exhibitors come from around the world to get informed and showcase the top products.

Pan-European High Security Printing Conference is organized twice a year, specialized in printing back tickets, passports, electronic passports and related identifiers. Hungarothern is a trade show devoted only to the heating and refrigeration technology, promoting environment-friendly solutions for the whole industry itself.

FE Foodapest is one of the top fairs for the food industry in Central Eastern Europe. Representing both domestic and international trends, it offers the most effective ways to boost sales. Let them surprise you. One common denominator is that each event has well-spoken hostesses and models. Each of them supply the guests with useful information and friendly advice that only helps your business grow. Contact us to find out the top agencies where you can find the hostesses and models you need for your show.

VIP Budapest Hostess, a great partner for your exhibitions

VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency provide you with staff for a wide range of events including protocol events, exhibitions, product presentations, workshops, promotions and corporate parties. We have been talking them to know more about their work and to receive some tips about how to choose the correct agency in Budapest.

Budapest Hostesses For Tradeshows

What does a hostess bring to an exhibition stand?

The hostess give informations for the participants on the fairs/exhibitions, making registrations, smiling, taking photos...

As an exhibitor, give me three reasons to hire a hostess agency

If I would be an exhibitor I need hostess because: a pretty hostess attracts the visitors visitors and specially because he/she can talking with visitors about my business and my products and help me to improve my brand image.

Tradeshow Hostesses In Budapest

Can you give me three tips in order to select the right hostess agency?

In my opinion the best agency has to be: professional, fast, and the prices have to be in a middle category.

Tell me why I should choose your agency in Budapest?

Our agency is one of the biggest in Hungary, we have many partners (big companies, and famous too), and we have more than 6000 model and hostess girls working with us.

Vip Budapest Hostess Model Agency

What qualities are you looking for in a hostess?

It depends in our partners, but sometimes the language is very important. Therefore our hostesses have to speak at least English and German.

What are the advantatges of working for a trade fair?

The opportunity for meet new people, new contacts and new business.

Hoistess Agencies In Budapest

Which are the 5 most relevant trade fairs in your city?

In Budapest there are many exhibitions every year, the car and motor fairs are very famous, in addition to the ones related to weddings and gastronomy.