Are all Event Staffing Personnel Hostesses/Hosts?

by Karla Blanco Galarza


So, what is a Host/Hostess? Are they different or the same as a Brand Ambassador (BA)? Or is Hostess/Host a catch-all word or a general term for various event staffing functions/ needs?

With this in mind and more precise needs of individual Event Staffers worldwide, the spectrum of Hosts/Hostesses covers many distinct and specialized Event tasks.

Let’s list those specialized roles:

  • Greeters/ Registration Staff: Front line staff that welcomes exhibitors with warm friendly smiles and a pleasant appearance and comforting.
  • Visitor Traffic Directors: An extension of greeters, whom are posted throughout the Event Venue to instruct a direction of Guests/Buyers to specific areas.
  • Translators: Thoroughly trained, and generally highly educated specialized personnel that command expert language skills in 2 or more languages. It has been said, “you can only fully command a language if you have lived there”.
  • Translation Helpers: These Staffers are generally posted at Exhibition Stands and grasp high degrees of 2 or more language skills. Translation helpers main purposes are to communicate at excellent/very good language levels that in turn will increase sales.
  • Exhibitor Assistants:  Friendly, Cheerful, generally clean-cut/conservative individuals that communicate very well with Event Attendees, thus to increase sales.


  • Brand Ambassadors: Individual Staffers that are specifically trained in certain Supplier/Exhibitor products and serve in a role parallel as Exhibitor Assistants.
  • Other Specialized Positions: Other specialized positions can range from drivers to bartenders to security personnel, etc. Depending on the needs of specific Events, and the size and scope of the Events and the Event Venues.

Our team and Neventum want to continue to communicate additional informative and hopefully interesting thoughts as we step into the new decade of the 2020’s. Thoughts and input from readers are very much welcomed.

Sincerely Yours, 
Sheri R. Sadicon
Posche - International Agency Manager






Karla Blanco Galarza
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