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Date日期: 5/1/2016Product advertising photo shooting 產品廣告拍攝Model provided 提供模特兒

法國限制過瘦模特兒France voted to punish anyone who 'incites' people to become dangerously thin with prison and huge fines.法國投票通過一項決議,將對任何煽動他人追求極端瘦削身材的人採取監禁和大額罰款處罰。

Now these 'pro-anorexia' sites will face a year in prison and a fine equivalent to just over £7,000.現在,這些支持厭食的網站將面臨一年的監禁和相當於約7000多英鎊(約合人民幣6.5萬元)的罰款。

Introduced back in March and passed as law last week, the new “skinny-model ban”, as it’s called, requires that in order to work, thin models first present a doctors note stating that they’re healthy and that their body mass index (BMI) is over 18. Agency and brand employers who break this rule face up to 6 months in jail and fines of up to €75,000 (~$82,000).在三月份,並通過在新的“過瘦模特兒禁令”,因為它是所謂的規定只為了工作,瘦的模特兒首先提出一個醫生註釋,指出他們是健康的,他們的身體質量指數(BMI)是超過18和雇主/品牌/誰打破這個規則的人會面對長達6個月的監禁和高達€75,000/名的罰款。

What’s more, advertising photos that have been digitally manipulated must now include disclosures stating that editing was done. If the words “retouched photograph” or “photograph edited” aren’t found with digital editing that makes models smaller or larger, then the creator faces a fine of €37,500 (~$41,000) or 30% of the expenses that went into creating the ad.更重要的是,廣告的照片已經被規定,現在需表明廣告照片是編輯做成的。如果廣告照片上沒有表明“潤飾照片”或“照片經過編輯”,使模特兒更瘦或更大,制造者將要面臨罰款€37,500或廣告費用的30%。

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