The Art Of The Promotional Product

If you’re a company, the name of the game is brand recognition and awareness that leads to an increase in sales. However, we have found that the promotional model is as important as the actual product that you are giving away.

The secret is, VFD Models are not only attractive, but they are also approachable, friendly, outgoing and have the appropriate experience interfacing with clients and customers of top brands across the country. We have found that the investment on a giveaway at a convention, tradeshow or seminar is greatly enhanced by who gives those products away, creating more of an experience, not just more of the same.

Another defining factor is not only the quality of the promotional product, but also how useful it is. We’ve found that the more useful the giveaway the more apt people are to hold on to it and use it. Add an amazing logo on said product and you’re building brand loyalty one gift at a time. People respond to getting gifts, it’s a fact of life and an important realization to make when planning your marketing initiatives.

We’ve seen the usb sticks, pens, clothes, electronics, mugs, etc. All promotional products have the ability to increase your brand awareness and sales, however, the connection people make when receiving these items makes all the difference in the world. VFD Models know how to make that connection, one customer at a time.