3 Social Media Tips To Beef Up Your Events

Digital marketing permeates our culture, plane and simple. Generationally, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now a major part of growing up and interfacing with society.

Social media has a large influence on how we conduct business these days as well. Without taking advantage of what these different channels have to offer, your marketing campaign will not get nearly enough exposure to drive brand awareness in a meaningful way.

Social media is an important part of event marketing. Below are 3 ways to use it at your event to make a lasting impact:

  • Create a Facebook event page and push the invitation through all your social media channels. This may seem simple, but people still fail to advertise their events properly on social media. Take advantage of hashtags that are relevant to your product(s) and let the people know who use and search those hashtags that you’ve got something amazing going on.

  • Get people excited with great giveaways. A giveaway at a booth is great. Social media posts advertising those giveaways ahead of time are priceless in that they drive traffic to your booth and your event. People love to take physical assets away from events and social media gets a buzz going that makes people want to come and see you.

  • Provide real time updates, pictures and videos with behind the scenes content. Everyone is used to seeing pictures from a booth or an event, but when you provide people with content that seems like it would be for the company’s eyes only, you gain more trust with your followers. Proud of your product? Show a picture of it getting packed for your event or unpackaged at the actual event. The more real you feel, the more people will be able to relate.

  • VFD creates events for brands and can handle all aspects including staffing, bartenders, models, etc. When it comes to getting the most out of your booth, the use of social media in creative ways is a must.