ACHE AZAFATAS starts an internal training project workers with the launch of its first Newsletter.

Today Tuesday June 21, ACHE AZAFATAS begin issuing its first issue of monthly newsletters on customer service from their support staff facilities. This is an internal initiative with a clear objective: differentiation and commitment to quality from the value added. The objectives of this distance learning service can be summarized in three basic areas: - Training as shaft company and promoter of trained professionals, transmitting current information on the different areas of customer service. - Improved communication favoring feedback and internal initiative. - Commitment and involvement in ACHE AZAFATAS encourage continuing education and training within their community. With an innovative and attractive design, comes in multiple pages, sections fixed on protocol, customer service, communication and occupational risk prevention. Quarterly, will broadcast a special bulletin that collects articles, tips and data on a specific subject area. All this is intended to improve the preparation of their workers: receptionists, secretaries, office attendants, etc. Additionally, anyone interested in receive copies of the newsletters ACHE Staff can subscribe for free and receive through your email. So, Marianna Piotrowska, editor of the monthly newsletter content Personal ACHE, shows his enthusiasm for such a project: "What better way to achieve an effective and comprehensive motivate our staff from training. We put our heart in this exciting initiative which we also hope that our team is an active member of our Community ACHE "