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Will it be because of the weather, the gastronomy, the cultural offer or the architecture?  

Be that as it may, Barcelona has become a highly sought-after brand, and not only as a tourist destination, but as one of the world's leading cities for organizing international congresses and events.

Barcelona fira

The main venue for fairs in the city is Fira de Barcelona, a century-old fair spread over 2 locations: Plaza España and Gran Vía.

The Gran Via site is newly built and its 8 pavilions add up to more than 240,000m2 of exhibition. It hosts events such as the Mobile World Congress, which concentrates more than 100,000 professional visitors in less than 5 days, locations: Plaza España and Gran Via.

The celebration of the Mobile World Congress, among other events, have placed Barcelona at the forefront of the technology sector.

Fira Barcelona

Barcelona in numbers

Location 41-22-57-N 2-10-37-E
Population 1,620,000
Currency euro
Plug 220 W
Airport Prat BCN Airport
Languages Spanish and Catalan
Time zone GMT +1
VAT VAT. 21%
Area 102.15 km2

fairs in Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the most complete trade fair calendars in Europe opening all sectors. Among its fair calendar, to highlight three fairs, the following add more than 250,000 visitors from more than 200 different countries and almost 10,000 international exhibitors.

How much does a booth cost?

In neventum we work with more than 300 stand builders in Barcelona andwe will compare more than 2,500 budgets the average price of building a stand in Barcelona is 247 euros/m2.

Mobile World Congress is the most expensive fair in terms of stand construction, with the average price being fired up to 501o/m2 and this is due, among other factors, to the fair in which the allowed height of the stands is 5m when the average is usually 2.4m.

Distribution of stands built by price range in Barcelona

hostesses & catering

The average price of a flight attendant in Barcelona is 110 euros for an 8h day and it is common for hostesses to be bilingual in the official languages of Barcelona (Spanish and Catalan). In addition it is easy to find hostesses who speak other languages such as English, French, Italian, ...

The average cost for a catering service at fair ranges from 12 euros per person, for a simple proposal that includes a drink and 2 or 3 sandwiches and a coffee, to the price you want to spend, in Barcelona have their headquarters some of the most reputable catering in Europe.

An essential dish that can not be missed in any catering in Barcelona is the unique "pa amb tomaquet" which consists of dressing a special bread of crispy crust (known as "coca de vidre" or glass coca) with ripe tomato, a pinch of salt and olive.

You'll love it!

Fira Barcelona
must-have phones
Country prefix
General Emergencies
National Police
Where to buy a SIM card?

Where to buy a SIM card?

Buying a SIM card in Barcelona is very simple, you can find it in any telephony operator being the main ones: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

Almost all have outlets at airport terminals, train stations and in the main shopping areas of the city.

The average price of a prepaid card for a month is 15 euros and if you are one of those who like to organize them in time you can find them on Amazon and receive them at home before your trip.

el precio de
Metro Single ticket
Food Food
Ice cream Small water
Taxi Taxi, cabify & uber
Coffee Expresso
Water Ice cream
Bed Hotel Hotel night
Beer Beer
Unicorn Unicorn
we're still looking... ;(


From the airport to the center

There are several options to get from the airport to the city center.

Aerobus: price 5.9 euros (10.2 euros round trip),
Bus 46: price 2.15 euros, destination Placa Espanya
Train: Rodalies R2, price 4.1o
Metro: stop at both terminals. price 4.5 o's
Taxi: price 30-35 o, may vary.

Getting around the city

Metro: 11 metro lines, (5:00h - 24:00h) we recommend the pass 10 passes for a short stay.
Bus: urban daytime red (5:30 to 22:30), nocturnal and intercity yellow.
Tram: Trambaix and Trambeses.
Funicular and cable car: Montjuc (L3) and Tibidabo (L2).

And of course: the bike! Barcelona is a wonderful city for cycling

Fira Barcelona
to eat

The list of must-have restaurants in Barcelona is endless. We will cite 3 that are at our discretion must-sees!

Tasting menu 75o
T 656 99 09 30
resevas with 3 months minimum

Petit Pau
Seasonal food
Letter, average price 50 euros
T 933 31 32 75
Bookings with 1 month

The Salt Ye
Rice and fish
Letter, average price 50 euros
T 932 21 10 15

to visit

The Sagrada Familia

Iconic church of the city designed by Gaudí that has almost 100 years in construction.

Parc Goell

A wonderful park full of Gaudí finishes and sculptures, ideal to spend a day in the air book with wonderful view of the city.

Gothic Quarter

It is part of the district of Ciutat Vella of Barcelona, a lot of architecture and commerce.

Casa Batlló

Another of Gaudí's maetsras works, worthy representative of Catalan modernism, pre-existing building remodeled.

Fira Barcelona

the weather in Barcelona

The climate in Barcelona is of the Mediterranean type. The Mediterranean climate occurs between 30o and 45o latitude and in the west of the continents. It is characterized by relatively wet and mild winters, and dry summers. The rainiest seasons are the intermediates, autumn and spring.

The most significant weather is three or five months of aridity in the summer; when it is under the rule of the subtropical anticyclone. There are few days with extreme temperatures, cold or heat, so the maximum and minimum annual averages in Barcelona are moderate, typical of a mild Mediterranean climate.

neventum in Barcelona

neventum team has extensive experience in Barcelona and what is more important: we have local verified partners that will allow us to help you make your trades how a success.

Trust us for everything you need, in Barcelona where we have more than 1,854 stands builders, 138 hostess agencies and 123 catering agencies partners we usually work with.