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Catering Companies in Vienna

8 Catering Companies in Vienna


Whether it`s dinner or breakfast Gaumenfreude can serve the customer offering its cat...

Vienna, Austria


Frederik`s offers catering service and decoration in Austria. Up to 4000 guests ca...

Vienna, Austria

Das Schreiberhaus

Das Schreiberhaus is a company based in Austria offering catering services such as:...

Vienna, Austria

manara catering

Italian chef 10 years experience, culinary schoolI offer myself for- private family-I...

Vienna, Austria

pogna sro

We are pleased to present its range of exclusive products for your restaurant. Pogn...

Vsetín, Czech Republic


This product is the ORIGINAL BELGIAN WAFFLE, which in Belgium named “GAU...

Budapest, Hungary

Rent a Cook

Rent a Cook offers catering services and products in Austria. Services include: Ca...

Salzburg, Austria