Masters of Luxury

by Alberto Sanz Alonso

Masters of Luxury Amsterdam

The opening night of the first Masters of LXRY (then known as Millionaire Fair) took place in December 2002 in the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. It was the start of one of the most talked about events that Netherlands has ever known.

The rich history of this large luxury event now brings us twelve years later, to Masters of LXRY 2014. The biggest in size since the crisis erupted in 2008 (5,000 square feet larger than last year). Masters of LXRY is more influential than ever.

Masters of Luxury Amsterdam

Hip & happening more than ever. It's the place to be for national and international luxury industry. A place where all the big names from the world of art, interior, fashion, design, innovations, gastronomy, jewelry, cars and watches are available. Tens of thousands of enthusiasts and collectors from home and abroad visit Masters of LXRY.


Alberto Sanz Alonso

CEO in neventum