At the CES trade show, hostesses are well invited to participate in this memorable event. At the CES Las Vegas fair, it is not only about the tech-savvy people from around the world, it is not only about being part of technological inventions, it is also about the face of your product. And what better way to publicize your product by having a hostess?

Having a hostess in your booth, using your brand's name helps you in many ways. They can show their hospitality by inviting potential clients in, they can scan badges, assist in sales, give out product samples and publicity, survey the public for further details, write out further appointments and best of all give you a friendly touch.

Ces Promotional Staff

After all the effort you have put in, you will be leading with bigger issues when you are taking part of the fair, so as you take on your role, they will help get the party going by engaging with customers, making them feel welcome and continuously dash out smiles.

As the trade show gets filled up with the greatest technology right before your eyes, let the hostess do the selling.

Are you looking to hire hostesses? Stop now and contact us right away. You found the right place to be to hire hostesses for this spectacular event in 'Sin City'. We will find the ideal hostess for your booth.

Ces Las Vegas

Manuela Sanz
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